Humanmetrics group has been the leading provider of online personality tests and assessment tools since the early years of the Internet. Founded in 1996 by Simon Kerbel, Ph.D., Humanmetrics has been providing online psychometric tools for

Tens of thousands users visit Humanmetrics websites daily to take popular personality tests such as the Jung Typology Test™, Jung Typology Test for Workplace™, the Risk Attitudes Profiler™, the Role Model Profiler™ the Jung Marriage Test™, the Small Business Entrepreneur Profiler™, the Jung Career Indicator™, and the 1:1 Personality Compatibility Indicator™.

Humanmetrics team consists of experienced researchers and practitioners in the field of psychophysiology, industrial and organizational psychology, team dynamics, marketing, consumer analytics, and software engineering.

Humanmetrics has been actively contributing to research and education activities. Humanmetrics’ commitment to continuous R&D effort results in product enhancements and innovation.

Based in Canada and the US, Humanmetrics is serving its customers around the globe.

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