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It is desirable for the Executive Manager (EM) to run an established business, especially one that demands skillful management. He excels at efficient management in a well-structured business. He can analyze a situation, work out a precise plan of action, itemize everything, and carry out the work on time.

The Executive Manager values responsibility, efficiency and concrete results. The efficient use of resources is particularly important to him. He will generally not change an approved business plan, but if he sees the practical benefit of another course of action, he will pursue it. EM usually stands firm in conflicts. He has pronounced organizational abilities and understands the subtleties of bureaucracy.

A flaw of the EM's approach is that sometimes he not concerned enough with the feelings and interests of his employees because the business itself has a higher priority for him. EM may also face serious problems if new innovative business solutions are required.

Necessary Steps to Success in Your Business

It is typical for you to set yourself concrete goals and persistently implement them. However, in an unusual business situation you may be at a loss and you may find your view towards your goal shaken. Therefore you should try to choose a business with a clear and well-established structure.

Unless you are in partnership with Business Leader, your business is local although aimed at a wide range of customers. Therefore you should place your commercials with the local advertising agencies, rather than with nationwide agencies. Especially important is advertising by customers' word-of-mouth and testimonials. Try to understand how the consumers' needs can be answered by your goods or service and compose your commercial so that it will meet the current requirements of potential customers. Always be in contact with your customers. Send them catalogues and samples of your goods.

Create and support your business's brand. Give your business a name which reflects the essence of your enterprise, or your own name. Develop a logo or picture which represents your business. Create and run commercials. Distribute badges, fridge-magnets, etc. of your business among your customers.

Try to personalize your relations with the customer. Let him feel that you are selling your product personally to him, considering his wishes and demands. Offer consultations free of charge. The grateful customer will return to you repeatedly and will recommend your business to others.

The Executive Manager can succeed not only when he starts a new business but also when he purchases an established business. In both cases, the most promising for your venture will be the traditional or popular type of business which is already accepted as a necessity in the neighborhood. Your main task will be to demonstrate the quality of your service and to show yourself as trustworthy and professional, with an interest in your customers.

However, if you consider starting up a new business in a lesser-known area of activity, then it is advisable to go into partnership with a Business Leader or a Craftsman.

Businesses Suitable for Executive Manager

If the Executive Manager runs the business on his own, he must personalize his approach to customer and pay special attention to the attractiveness of his advertising.

The successful EM is commonly found among:

  • Accountants
  • Taxes Specialists
  • Stores Owners
The Executive Manager can significantly expand and reinforce his sphere of activity in business by working together with partners. A partnership with a Business Leader is advantageous, as this makes it possible to enter into new spheres of activity. In a partnership with a Craftsman it is advisable to buy a well-established business that requires skillful management according to an established system, such as in a fast-food store. In a partnership, the Executive Manager is usually the head of a management or production department.

Below is a sample of a listing of some franchises favorable for an Executive Manager. A full listing is presented in the test's result.
Franchise Name Startup Investment
    $ 1,000
    $ 8,000
    $ 40,000-65,000
    $ 125,000


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