About JTPW™
Jung Typology Profiler for Workplace™
  • JTPW™ is a personality assessment tool that draws from the famous Jung and Briggs Myers approach to personality type extended for application in the workplace
  • Is specifically designed for application the workplace: JTPW™ determines the scores of key workplace-related indices such as Leadership Potential, Assurance, Visionary, Resourcefulness, Communication, Sociability, Empathy, Self-control, Conscientiousness, Rationality, and more, in addition to the 4-letter personality type
  • Provides comprehensive, dynamically generated and personalized multi-page interpretative reports
  • You get your own HRPersonality™ assessment portal account with convenient results analysis, comparison and administrative functions. You can administer assessments to multiple people simultaneously and centrally access their results.
  • Is a cost-effective method to help in mitigating turnover and bad hire costs
  • Customer support center, consultations, certification, training and workshops are available
  • Is offered from our www.hrpersonality.com website

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How JTPW™ is different from JTT™ (Jung Typology Test™) that is also based on the Jungian approach?

  • Does not score key workplace-related indices
  • Does not provide workplace-focused analysis and interpretation
  • Does not provide personalized interpretative reports. Only 16 generalized static type descriptions are available. They are not focused on the workplace-related aspects, nor do they take into account differences in individuals sharing the same personality type or differences in behavioural traits beyond the 4 dimensions of the 4-letter personality type.
  • Does not have centralized administration feature – you cannot centrally access the results, and the results are not retained.
  • Is free only for non-commercial and educational use
  • Offered "as is", cutomer support options are limited