Political Performance Indicator



People of this type are self-confident, firmly convinced of the rightness of their beliefs. People who do not share their opinions irritate them and they do not mask their annoyance. Such a person is inclined to give advice to others to keep them from making mistakes but he himself does not like being given unsolicited advice.

Typically, he never entertains doubts or hesitations and he cannot understand people who constantly rummage in their souls. Most of all he values order and stability in everything around him. Order and stability are his priorities in interaction with his colleagues and the way his organization functions. Such a person is demanding of his subordinates, making no excuse for their smallest setbacks or disobedience. He does not countenance the slightest infringement of his rights. His superiors appreciate him as an industrious worker while he appreciates his supervisors for their clear and concrete directions.

As a rule, he tries to control himself, especially in regard to the relationship with his superiors. However, he is inclined to outbursts of anger after which he generally quickly gets hold of himself and recover. But not always. In situations where, due to his subordinate status, he is unable to respond adequately to an insult, he does not forget the offence and imagine revenge against his offender.

On the whole, he is a person with a practical turn of mind and character. He possesses a highly developed sense of reality and the present is what he values most of all. He is not inclined to daydream about the past.

At election time he votes for the candidates who stand for principles of power and who seem capable of ensuring rigid order even by tough measures. If his self-esteem has been wounded, or his rights or interests infringed, he can become aggressive. In an extreme turn for the worse social upheaval, for example - persons of this type react strongly to the event by active protest. As they have a good sense of reality they are able to correctly judge the very core of political demands and social needs. Due to their audacity they are frequently at the head of public social movements. Although they clearly express the public's dissatisfaction and show the way to social protest, they never forget their own personal needs and material interests which always come first with them. After achieving victory, they have no doubts about using the results of that victory to satisfy their own personal demands and gain corresponding privileges.

Persons of this type are considered to be perfect candidates for the law-and-order services, such as the police, where spontaneous action and courage are required. Men of this type were the pride of ancient Rome where they were centurions, and in our day they frequently fill high positions in the military.


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