Political Performance Indicator

    Please choose one or two options (but not more) when answering the questions in the inventory.
 You can return to a certain question again and check or uncheck needed answers. If you are not sure how to answer then the decision should be based on individual's most frequent action in the given situation. It is possible to skip a question if it does not apply to him, but you should answer not less than 18 questions to get a reliable result.

  1. When starting a new deal you
    are likely to doubt its success
    weigh the pros and cons well beforehand and consult with experienced people
    trust to luck and ignore possible failures
    are confident of success and sure you will overcome any obstacles
    need the guidance of an authoritative person
    you feel it's worth taking the risk and in any case you will be able to extricate yourself
    are sure that it will be of benefit to mankind
  2. In your business/professional activities you
    do not usually have competition
    take competition into account and look for ways to obviate or reduce it
    battle against your competitors
    are prepared to fight against your competitors by any means and you are confident of victory
    are inclined to avoid competition
    are keen on competitive struggle
    feel ready to eliminate competitors for the common good
  3. When driving a car you
    always obey the traffic rules and avoid dangerous situations
    practically always obey the traffic rules but if you break the rules you never enter into an argument with the police
    react calmly when fined
    are likely to break the rules if you don't expect to be fined
    practically always obey the traffic rules and drive carefully
    often break the rules, exceed the speed limit by or while overtaking
    try to obey the rules as far as they do not hinder your purposes but if otherwise you ignore the rules
  4. A majority opinion
    usually you agree with it
    if your opinion differs from it, then you adhere to yours
    if your opinion differs, you express it and retain your own views
    if your opinion differs, you listen to it with irritation since you consider yours to be the only right one
    if your opinion differs from it, you dare not uphold yours
    doesn't matter to you
    you do your utmost to have it on your side making all others change their mind
  5. When pursuing your goal, you
    never infringe the law
    don't infringe the law explicitly but exploit its loopholes if necessary
    sometimes infringe the law in minor matters, and think nothing of it
    sometimes infringe the law if the risk of discovery is small
    may infringe the law if you see a number of others doing so
    are likely to violate the law if there is a chance of escaping detection
    are ready to use almost any means since you think that a great aim justifies any means
  6. If duels were permitted, you would
    try to avoid them if possible, but if challenged, you wouldn't back out
    avoid them at all costs
    prefer to resolve conflicts in a court
    accept a challenge but would settle for reconciliation as well
    prefer to resolve conflicts by fight and not in a court
    be always determined to accept the challenge
    ignore the challenge in order not to allow fate to defeat your purpose
  7. Games of chance you
    don't play
    if playing, gamble for low stakes
    may play but never beyond the limit of your solvency
    play for high stakes, sometimes beyond your solvency
    generally don't play since you hate to lose
    when playing, sometimes stake your all
    don't play on principle
  8. You have a preference for people who
    are trustworthy
    work side by side with you
    are competent, carried away
    are determined, full of initiative
    are committed to you and implicitly obedient
    are courageous, fond of risks
    believe in your ideas
  9. In social settings you
    join in with what's going on
    talk to people who seem to be interesting
    are the life and soul of the party
    want to be respected and acknowledged as the right side in arguments
    listen to what is being said but do not have enough courage to join the conversation
    often seek adventure
    push your ideas
  10. When making a decision, you
    usually hesitate a great deal
    decide after assessing the prospect of success
    base your decision more on luck than on thorough reckoning
    entertain no doubt about your rightness
    tend to postpone it
    decide impulsively, relying only on fate and luck
    believe firmly in your rightness
  11. The anticipation of forthcoming events, whether favorable or unfavorable
    worries you but you hope for the best
    you think over your actions at a bad turn of events
    puts you into pleasurable anticipation, leaving no room for the bad
    makes you cautious but you believe you will cope with any turn of events
    makes you anxious, you expect the worst
    excites you, stimulates your energy
    mobilizes but doesn't scare you
  12. In matters of dress you
    dislike extravagant styles, and try not to stand out
    prefer an elegant and "quiet" style
    choose a striking or overtly casual style
    choose quality, durable goods
    dress like the others
    choose loud, sometimes eccentric style
    are content with what you have, paying little attention to the latest fashion
  13. As a rule, you enter into intimate relations
    if it doesn't commit you or you are prepared for marriage
    with partners whose cultural, social and intellectual level is not lower than yours
    if you are seized by strong feelings
    with partners who recognize your superiority
    with your soulmate
    easily, not looking far ahead
    when your partners are your companions in some mutual activity
  14. When your rights are infringed, you
    are likely to be reconciled to that
    act the same way as the majority of people around you
    will enter into fierce conflict
    try to avoid such situations
    assert your rights whatever the cost
    will defend them
    will uncompromisingly assert them for the sake of common justice
  15. Conflicts
    you manage not to get into them
    you seldom find yourself involved but if so, act defensively
    you often get involved, through your own initiative
    at times, you unexpectedly find yourself involved but you never stay involved for long
    you often get involved - those around you are to be blamed for that
    when you enter into one, you try to settle the conflict
    you go in to crush the enemy
  16. You worry about
    your professional abilities
    your sound financial and social position
    your rapid and successful advancement
    your personal success
    your prestige in society
    your personal and social status
  17. You prefer to be engaged in something that
    first and foremost gives you moral satisfaction
    improves your living standard
    arouses keen excitement, passion
    allows you to enjoy your life
    enhances your prestige
    allows you to live a purposeful life
    is very important to the whole of mankind
  18. Opponents
    you frequently give in to them
    you avoid them
    you try to destroy them
    persistently come about to your way
    you enter into a fight with them
    activate you
    you compromise with them if necessary
  19. If you have a fairly prosperous life, you
    are not prepared to risk your current assets while knowing you could have gained more,
    don't want to make any changes
    direct your activity to improving the life of others
    are ready to take risks for greater success
    feel you could have gained more but were unlucky
    sometimes change it drastically for no particular reason
    are satisfied but work continuously to improve it
  20. When you undertake actions
    you are often not sure if they are right
    you feel more confident when others approve of them
    they are for everybody's good
    you are sure of their rightness even if others regard them as wrong actions
    the warnings of others strengthen your determination to go your own way
    they sometimes involve risks, so as to test your abilities, courage and luck
    you rely more on your own opinion than on the opinion of others
  21. In routine life events
    sometimes you want to stay completely alone
    it's difficult to you to stay alone
    you sometimes wish to go somewhere far away
    you need radical changes in your everyday life
    people sometimes irritate you
    you are thirsty for strong excitement and thrills
    you are continually engaged in some important task
  22. When making investments you prefer to
    make safe, relatively long-term (1 year +) deposits at not very high but fixed interest
    make recommended deposits with sound interest and without considerable risk
    make deposits which you expect to grow substantially in the first 1-2 years
    invest in financial enterprises that lately are rapidly gaining strength. Sometimes you donate to charity funds
    invest substantial sums of money in solid enterprises or enterprises to which you give your personal credence.
    deposit your entire assets into transactions which you feel will yield quick and significant returns
    invest in funds which are aimed at promoting the development of mankind and in which you take part

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