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Psychological Portrait

You are an energetic, active and generally cheerful person. You have a quick temper but just as quickly forgive and forget. A tranquil, simple life seems tedious to you. Continuous hard work, even if it brings prosperity, is not to your liking, neither is a career requiring regular efforts over long periods of time. You are impatient and you want everything now. You do not like tasks that demand concentrated attention on one particular problem. You feel better when you are working on a project that requires you to shift frequently to different aspects of the job. This frequent change invigorates you and enables you to make a success of this type of work. Your ideas and initiatives are usually interesting and often audacious. They are always logical, convincing and based on facts existing at the given moment. The only drawback is that you tend to expect the most favorable conditions for you without giving enough thought to risks, obstacles or other unfavorable circumstances.

You proceed from the present moment because it is the most actual for you. The past exerts little influence on your perception of the present, and you tend not to learn from its lessons. You look into the future, but not too far, and in that future you always see the triumph of your present initiatives. However, if any business venture, however successfully started, begins to drag on, you are ready to shut it down and start a new one, expecting that this time you will quickly get lucky and be successful. Though each time you hope for definite material or personal achievements, in reality what you are looking for is a constant change of situation, new impressions and the excitement of risk. Risk stimulates you and attracts you as a test of your abilities and your luck. In striving for a specific goal, you often tend to confuse the goal itself with the pleasure of working towards it because the joy of overcoming obstacles on the way is, in itself, the source of as much satisfaction for you as reaching your ultimate goal.

You are capable of quickly achieving excellent results in your work (this favors the increase of the level of your expectations), but by looking for exciting new risks you can quickly lose what you have achieved. In the excitement of your pursuit of risks you sometimes lose your sense of reality and may unwittingly overstep the bounds between moral and immoral, and even between legal and unlawful. You should keep yourself under control in order to prevent this. If you long for something, you should ask yourself "Do I really need it?" It may be that your goal, although it seems reasonable in and of itself, can actually be an excuse for your attraction to risk. Do not let yourself be deceived. Keep in mind and be wary of your inclination towards an enterprise which has little chance for success. Learn to decode your aspirations and be able to stop in time in your pursuit of success.

In general, you are friendly to people who surround you and ready to render immediate and disinterested assistance to those who need it right away. You have many casual friends but few very close ones. You are free with generous and sincere promises to a large number of your acquaintances, not all of which you fulfill. Therefore, you have the reputation of a kind but unreliable person, and people who know you well are hesitant in taking up business contacts with you.

You are always busy with many things, always in a hurry, and have no time to rest. However, you get your relaxation at big celebrations where you are usually "the life of the party." Your cheerfulness is contagious, you like humor, and your jokes are usually funny and intelligent. You have a wonderful appetite. You are a gourmet and a good meal is one of the great pleasures of life for you. You may be inclined to corpulence and barely manage keep your weight under control.

You succeed in love affairs, but relations with partners are usually short, and you can part from them without much suffering.

You experience failure with much emotion, and quickly regain your good spirits and start up a new enterprise with enthusiasm. If you are an artistic or literary-gifted person, you receive your emotional high through your creative work.

Such famous personalities as Winston Churchill, ancient Roman commander Pompeus, Danton of the French Revolution, empress Catherine the Great, French writer Beaumarche, Madonna, Michael Jackson, would fit the description of Energetic risk type.

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