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Your need for the excitement of risk is an inexhaustible source of energy for a great part of your life. This energy sometimes drives you to endeavors which have negative impact on and even endanger your life. You are obsessed with your ideas and persist in advocating and spreading them no matter how receptive society is around you. You take pleasure in developing and putting your ideas into effect, and it gives you a reason for living.

There are a relatively small number of such people in the world, but many of them are universally known because their conviction, faith and determination promulgated ideas that influenced history. Famous personages who are close to this type include the biblical Abraham, the apostle Paul, Mohammed, religious reformers and leaders like Martin Luther, John Calvin, Joan of Arc, explorers who changed the understanding of global geography like Columbus and Magellan, Galileo Galilei, Copernicus, philosopher-utopists like Thomas More, inventors like Fulton, social reformers like Emmeline Pankhurst and Mahatma Gandhi, and revolutionists like Robespierre and Lenin. There are also among them founders of various religious sects and of political movements.

Inspired may have ideas that are not necessarily earth-shaking or important to all of mankind, but they occupy people of this type completely. These ideas may be of an invention, a scientific hypothesis or a special philosophically substantiated way of life or nutrition, such as Zen Buddhism or vegetarianism. Among people of this type are also found passionate collectors of paintings, books, stamps, etc., whose main goal is to obtain a rare painting, book or stamp.

The distinctive characteristic of such persons is their complete preoccupation with their idea; it becomes their purpose in life and they see their lives as the means to implement this idea or as the time period in which they can reach their goals. Their idea extremely important to them and without them they cannot imagine their lives.

Neither past nor present is actual for this type of people; the Inspired are pointed only towards the future, the time when their goal will be reached. Obstacles and dangers do not stop them; on the contrary, they stimulate them.

They treat people around them according to how these people see their ideas and goals: if they share their goals, Inspired will treat them well; if they are indifferent to their ideas, Inspired will be indifferent or cold to them; and if they do not approve of them, or worse, are opposed to them, Inspired will hate them and regard them as enemies.

People of this type, if obsessed by social, political or religious ideas, see all of mankind, or at least, their nation, as the object of their concern, and they see it above individual people. They are ready to sacrifice individual people for the sake of a "common happiness". They are also ready to sacrifice themselves for it. They would not show mercy to others nor would they to themselves.

People of this type are egocentric in the sense that they consider themselves the center of all events - but they are not egotistical. They do not have purely personal interests.

Food for them is, for the most part, not a source of pleasure but only the means to satisfy hunger. They are capable of enjoying food but they often have special tastes: food must be cooked in a special way, or served at a specific temperature, etc. They do not care for entertainment, except perhaps talking about their subjects of interest. However, their interests often range beyond the limits of their main idea or obsession and their knowledge in different spheres is striking. They will have their own point of view on all subjects and it is almost always interesting to listen to what they have to say.

They are often surrounded by followers or disciples who are equally passionate about their ideas, but have only one or two really close friends. People of this type are indifferent to the opposite sex although they can experience a type of love, possibly towards one of their admirers, who becomes their main comrade-in-arms.

People of this type, to some extent, are attached to their family, but they are authoritarian towards family members. They are intolerant of the slightest neglect in serving their cause by their family members. People of this type suffer major setbacks and even tragedies stoically, turning aside to immerse themselves ever deeper in their cause.

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