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Psychological Portrait

You are cautious, vigilant, and reflective. Your thinking is both analytical and constructive. You tend to analyze every situation, both favorable and unfavorable; this trait defines the strong as well as the weak points of your personality, although you pay greater attention and attach more significance to unfavorable events.

You tend to think of the world as a unique and orderly system and you never see your own life as a sequence of random episodes but rather as a consecutive chain of events, one resulting from another. In other words, you accept your life as fate. You do not perceive reality through the five senses. Instead, you try to comprehend your environment. Art and literature exert greater emotional influence on you than life itself. Often beauty means more to you than any material good. Your preference in movies or TV programs runs to serious psychological dramas. You do not trust your intuition and your intellect appears to be your stronger point but since you are inclined to doubt everything, you do not trust it either.

You are probably a shy and sensitive person. Perhaps you have problems with communication. The flow of time is almost a physical sensation for you and you see the present only as a passing preliminary stage before the future. Its uncertainty disturbs you. You care a lot about an ensured and secure future. In this connection, it is interesting to note that as your security grows, so does your self-confidence, bringing about aspirations to a higher level and new character features such as a tendency for moderate risk-taking and even daring. Nevertheless, you feel most comfortable when dreaming of the past. The past, with its unchanging certainty, is definitely rated highly by you.

You are prone to self-analysis, with a tendency to lowered self-esteem. You are doubtful about your abilities and capabilities. This doubtfulness leads not only to a lowering of the level of your expectations but also to a reduction in the constructive and energetic potential of your personality.

At work you are outstandingly accurate and industrious, trying to compensate for the fact that you mistakenly feel you are professionally inadequate. Your habit of repeated self-checks slows down your work, which you consider to be an indication of your poor abilities. Because of your lack of self-confidence, you often ask for advice from people who are hardly more competent than you in regard to the problem in question. You often trust them more than you believe in yourself; you allow yourself to be led, thus losing your own initiative. Due to your diffidence and low self-esteem you experience difficulties every time you have to take up a new task. You are afraid that not being able to cope with the new task will lower you in the eyes of the people around you and, more importantly, in your own eyes. But once you take up the job you do better than you expected.

Generally speaking, you withstand hard times in life much better than day-to-day problems. You cope with troublesome situations better than many others who are reputed to be strong. At the same time, because you continuously strive for perfection, it is hard for you to complete your work. You have difficulty making decisions because you carefully weigh all the pros and cons, paying major attention to possible failures. Because of your low self-esteem and reduced level of expectation, you sometimes turn down more responsible, prestigious and profitable work. Consequently you are prevented from realizing your capabilities in full and hindered in your advancement in life. Be aware of this gap between your greater potential capabilities and the smaller success in life that you achieve because of your self-dissatisfaction, which in turn strengthens your inclination to useless self-criticism.

Your strong feeling of self-respect and dignity accounts for your shyness; modesty is not the only reason for it. It also arises from a fear that should you act awkwardly, you would lose the respect of others. Thus your shyness is the flip side of your pride. In your relationships with people you are considerate, good-hearted and obliging but tend to keep people at arm's length. You have few truly close friends who could be called your soulmates.

Your character protects you against many defeats but also blocks your way to greater success. Your fear of defeat appears to be stronger than your desire for victory. In general, you value the harmony in your own soul more than the comforts of life. You constantly work to introduce, maintain and perfect order in your perception of life, trying to avoid inner conflicts with yourself. Often individuals of your type become attracted to religious and moral doctrines that offer them the appearance of a settled external world as well as a settled internal spiritual one, and they seek out people holding the same views.

Men and women of your type establish intimate relationships only when there is psychological compatibility on the basis of a close spiritual-emotional connection - love. As a rule, relationships of this kind are firm and stable and when they break up, it is always tragic.

You are indifferent to food as your appetite is mainly a function of hunger. It easily disappears when you are excited. On the whole, enjoyment of food rates one of the lowest priorities in your life.

As you grow older your character will undergo changes. The knowledge and the prestige you rightfully gained will enhance your self-confidence and diminish your shyness; a lifetime of dealing with many different people will have developed your communicative skills. Perhaps you will develop an interest in pedagogical activities, where you might find a second vocation.

When deciding on an occupation, try not to look at work requiring frequent and quick switches of attention or the necessity of making instant decisions under stress. You will succeed at a difficult and responsible job which calls for concentration and has a flexible work schedule. Any of the humanities are favorable for your character. You would also show your worth in the field of scientific investigation or in the medical field, although not in surgery because of your intrinsic tendency to hesitate. In business you will succeed best in developing new ideas, or as a qualified professional or expert.

The men of your type resemble Charles Darwin who, for a long time, was undecided whether to publish his work "The Origin of Species", and Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics, who was afraid to stand up for his discovery. Women of this type of personality resemble Margaret Mitchell, the author of "Gone With The Wind".

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