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Psychological Portrait

You are self-confident and firmly convinced of the rightness of your beliefs. People who do not share your opinions irritate you and you do not mask your annoyance with views that appear wrong to you. You are inclined to give advice to others to keep them from making mistakes but you yourself do not like being given unsolicited advice. Typically, you never entertain doubts or hesitation and you cannot understand people who constantly rummage in their souls.

Most of all you value order and stability in everything around you, from your family relationships to the way your house is furnished. Order and stability are your priorities in interaction with your colleagues and the way your organization functions. From your family members you demand strict obedience to the rules you impose. You expect your children to excel in their studies and behavior although perhaps you were not outstanding in these in your own childhood. You punish your children for bad marks at school and for misbehavior. You are likewise demanding of your subordinates, making no excuse for their smallest setbacks or disobedience. You do not countenance the slightest infringement of your rights by your superiors, and you are prepared to go to the limit to uphold them. Your superiors appreciate you as an industrious worker while you appreciate your supervisors for their clear and concrete directions.

As a rule, you try to control yourself, especially in regard to your relationship with your superiors. If you experience outbursts of anger, you are generally quick to get hold of yourself and recover. However, in some situations where, due to your subordinate status, you are unable to respond adequately to an insult, you do not forget the offence and imagine revenge against your offender.

On the whole, you are a person with a practical turn of mind and character. You possess a highly developed sense of reality and the present is what you value most of all. You are not inclined to daydream about the past. Although you regard the future with caution and distrust, you hope that it will be like your gradually improving present.

You do not like what you consider frivolous or unexpected expenses. However, the comforts of life for you and your family are important to you. When inviting guests, mainly from among a long-established circle of close friends, you experience a feeling of pride in your home. You occasionally make improvements to your home, and if possible, you prefer to make them yourself.

The circle of your friends is small but constant. You like to spend your leisure hours together with them in common pursuits and recreation such as sports, fishing, and watching TV, rather than in conversation on abstract topics. On television you prefer watching athletic events such as football and hockey rather than political and analytical reviews. You are fond of thrillers and do not dislike violent scenes depicting violence and murder. You like to vacation together with your family and select well-organized and easy travel along approved routes.

People of your type are usually sturdily built and physically strong although many tend to have psychosomatic diseases such as high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, skin diseases, etc. You have a good appetite, like a plain menu, and are consistent in your preferences, attaching great importance to the preparation of each dish exactly to your taste. In your love affairs the sensual aspect of a relationship attracts you more than the romantic side. However, when the relationship breaks up, you suffer very little.

If your self-esteem has been wounded, or your rights or interests infringed, you can become aggressive. Under such circumstances, when you defend yourself you are capable of a strong offensive, ignoring the fact that you might be endangering your life.

Politics are not among your special interests. At election time you vote for the candidates who stand for principles of power and who seem capable of ensuring rigid order even by tough measures. In an extreme turn for the worse social upheaval, for example - persons of your type react strongly to the event by active protest. As they have a good sense of reality they are able to correctly judge the very core of social demands and needs. Due to their audacity they are frequently at the head of public social movements. Although they clearly express the public's dissatisfaction and show the way to social protest, they never forget their own personal needs and material interests which always come first with them. After achieving victory, they have no doubts about using the results of that victory to satisfy their own personal demands and gain corresponding privileges.

Persons of your type are successful in small to middle-size businesses, or as department managers in a large enterprise. They are considered to be perfect candidates for law-and-order services, such as the police, where spontaneous action and courage are required. Men of this type were the pride of ancient Rome where they were centurions, and in our day they frequently fill high positions in the military. Women of this type can achieve success as administrators or managers.

In order to successfully position your strengths you must learn to control your temper and be more tolerant of people around you. You should take good care of your health, especially of your cardio-vascular system.

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