risk-taking and safety test Risk Attitudes Profilerô
There are some people whose aim is to reach stability, order and safety in their life. Others, on the contrary, have a subconscious drive to a dynamic life, keen excitements, risk-taking. These needs and inclinations may be stirred from one's consciousness. The reason for many life troubles and lost fortunes is the incompatibility between the risky qualities of a person and his/her lifestyle, what occupation he/she chooses, what are the objectives and how they are realized.
  • This test enables respondents to feel confident that they have chosen an optimal lifestyle in accordance with their risk type.
  • The test is far and away necessary to the people feeling the tension in their life and trying to determine the reasons, seeking for useful recommendations on personal growth.
  • Risk Attitudes Profiler renders an outstanding tool for deviants support centers to promptly solve the problem of choosing the fitting psychological support for deviants.
  • Of no less importance is risk-type estimation for troubled youngsters. The test would be a valuable tool for school personnel and communities helping at risk youth.
  • The people looking for a job, a better career or making an important decision, by using the test results, can be sure that they are making reliable choice.
  • Risk Attitudes Profiler is a highly valuable instrument for pre-employment screening giving an opportunity to choose the most suitable candidate.
  • The test makes a necessary and promising tool in the consultant's arsenal. It reveals inadequacy in lifestyle of a client, does a good job in bettering the consultation.

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