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Psychological Portrait

You are a steady and rational person. You can define goals precisely, distinguishing between what you really need and what you can easily do without. You are able to learn from previous experience. You feel and value the present and think seriously about the future. You take your projects seriously, thoroughly evaluating their importance to you as well as the feasibility of their implementation.

You are capable and disposed to rationally evaluate your possibilities within the context of various circumstances. You consider the consequences of your actions. You have the courage to make a decision but also, when necessary, to reject it. Having made a decision you don't hesitate, but are energetic in carrying it out. You are cautious but not shy. In trying to reach your goal you are capable of overcoming many obstacles and difficulties. At the same time, you can evaluate the importance of this goal to you and your potential for achieving it, as well as your possible gains and losses. The moral aspect of any affair is of great significance to you. You are, first of all, preoccupied with solving your own psychological problems and only afterwards concerned with objective external ones.

You are socially active. You have your own opinion on many social and political issues, but don't like to thrust it on others. You are open-minded but don't like extremism or aggressiveness. You easily become friends with people who make a good impression on you and you have many friends to whom you gladly give whatever help you can without expecting compensation or profit.

A sense of self-dignity is intrinsic in you. You are aware of the limits of your abilities and are satisfied when you have exploited them to the fullest. You are not egotistical and do not need to prove your merits to others nor demonstrate superiority over them. You are not vain, and at times this leads to insufficient ambition.

Men of this personality type treat women with respect, being especially aware of their physical attributes. Women of this type prefer clever and spiritually attractive men. Your relationships with the opposite sex are based mainly on spiritual empathy.

You like to eat well but don't demand gourmet food. You prefer an active vacation - traveling to interesting places that are new to you.

Your nature is well-balanced between stability and safety on the one hand, and risk-taking and daring on the other. You try to set yourself realistic goals but this limits the level of your expectations and the realization of your potential. You must force yourself to be more daring. Success will encourage you to aim at higher levels and to attain goals you previously never hoped for.

Men of this character type resemble Benjamin Franklin and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and women resemble Margaret Thatcher.

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