Role Model Profiler

Celebrities whose risk profile is similar to yours

Celebrity's name Profile's similarity %
Madonna 88
Paul Newman, American actor 86
Ava Gardner, American actress 83
Ernest Hemingway 82
Marlon Brando, American actor 79
Vespasian, Roman emperor (9-79 A.D.) 75
Elizabeth Taylor 72

Favorable for you spheres of activity

Social Leadership

Your personal qualities that will do the most to help you to reveal
your potential and develop your abilities and gifts.

Your strong qualities are optimism, energy, and enterprise. Your ideas and initiatives are usually interesting and often audacious. You can initiate a new project and become its leader. You feel better when you are working on a project which requires you to shift frequently to different aspects of the job. This frequent change invigorates you and enables you to make a success of this type of work.
As a rule you attain your goals by gaining influence over others, by your ability to hold a leading position and by your skill in raising needed resources.

The other strong features of your personality are resourcefulness, resolution, and a quick understanding of a situation.

You can be an initiator of new, innovative undertakings. In such a case you will be more efficient on a team with a rational and pragmatic person. You can be efficient as a trouble shooter in problematic work situations needing immediate solutions.

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