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Psychological Portrait

People of this type, engaged in their customary productive work, do not think about its "higher sense", and proceed for purely pragmatic personal needs - for themselves and their families. Characteristically, they are farmers and laborers, owners of small businesses, municipal or government employees, bank clerks, and teachers.

Their claims are modest. They do not expect great riches through their career, or greatness or glory. They want a reliable basis for their current material and social status, and hope that they will gradually move up the social and financial ladder. Success in the lives of such people is conditioned on hard work as well as on individual ability. The more able ones can succeed better in their chosen career if circumstances are favorable, but they can easily lose their position when competing with more psychologically motivated persons.

People of this type are not politically ambitious, and are unconcerned with politics in general. All they need from the government is stability, and preserving the established order into the future. In all other things they want to be independent of the state, while at the same time remaining a part of it. During elections they tend to vote with the majority, leaning towards conservative leaders. Even if they have their own point of view on an issue, they dare not oppose the "general opinion", being afraid to lose a feeling of solidarity with the majority. During great social upheaval they tend to congregate with crowds of like-minded people, and that makes them feel being a part of a large strong body and relieves them of the burden of responsibility for their opinions. In general, people of this type are individualists in their personal life and collectivists in their social life. They are against any radical changes in the state and in society and react negatively to those who like changes in their country. They are not interested in foreign affairs except in regard to catastrophes and natural calamities happening there.

For people of this type, only the present time and place where they live are real. To them future seems the same as the present, and they want to make it as secure as the present. In their mind, the past is always tinted in rosy, idyllic tones and is not important. They prefer traditional rhythmic way of life. However, psychologically and physiologically, their need for the occasional thrill and sense of danger is satisfied during the inevitable difficulties of life and also during sports competitions while rooting for their favorite team. People of this type look upon sudden and significant changes for the worse in their life as irreparable catastrophes to which they adapt badly, and which may even cause them to become ill.

People of this type usually have a narrow circle of friends, formed long ago, to whom they are tied by special occasions enjoyed together and by mutual help. They tend to spend their free time quietly - working in their garden, or taking their family on vacations to holiday hotels or on well-organized tours. When they watch TV they choose light entertainment programs and sports competitions. Some people of this type like to attend sports events in stadiums where, together with large crowds, they find an outlet for their emotions. They spend their leisure time in various ways. They may have a serious hobby or they may be a "Jack-of-all-trades" who enjoys making home and garden improvements.

Their attitude towards the opposite sex is appropriate to the different stages of their life, and in the majority of cases they will have good partner relations in all aspects with their spouse - sexual, family and economic. Food preferences are individual but not sophisticated, and within the framework of customary meals.

People of this type will, in general, live within the bounds of their abilities and power. If they are successful, they will cautiously increase the level of their expectations. If they fail, they must learn to face adversity with more courage, planning their future better and remembering that it often brings changes for the better. Generally, such people are conservative and conforming. Though each single one does not have much chance to stand out from the common mass of the population, together they form the body of the nation, making for stability.

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