Political Performance Indices
of American Presidents

Test description

    Fate of people, destinies of nations, and history itself are determined to a substantial extent by political leaders.
    When electing a national leader, voters frequently base their decision on the image created by mass media and professional image makers; they also tend to take into account only current events and tasks. This, unfortunately, can result in bringing to power a politician who eventually damages the country's position or even causes national or international cataclysms.
    Performance of political government can be measured by the increase of the quality of life in the respective country during the time of ruling.
    Traits of many political leaders of different countries in various historical periods were analyzed by the RAP test and juxtaposed with the performance of their governments. This approach revealed four personal characteristics on which success of a political leader crucially depends.
    These four properties of the personality of the political leader can get the following names:
  • Rationality
  • Authoritativeness
  • Adventurousness
  • Inspiration
    The named features of the personality determine what underlies the political activity of the leader, on the basis of what factors and how he estimates the situation and makes a decision.
    These four traits are determined by the test Political Performance Indicator.

Performance Index, Risk Profile and Risk Balance of American Presidents

Name PerformanceIndex
F.Roosevelt 93 5314039 521042
H.Truman 80 4628052 60852
D.Eisenhower 93 6020033 53944
J.Kennedy 83 4712624 60060
L.Johnson 86 45281123 53647
R.Nixon 76 35181241 63261
J.Carter 65 22161153 582038
R.Reagan 86 5332126 59554
G.Bush 93 6022044 59257
B.Clinton 83 48401039 64361
G W.Bush - 25291029 55352

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