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It is well known how important a role model can be for us. We intentionally or unconsciously try to follow our role model's behavior, although often our relevant traits do not reasonably match those of our hero. For this reason it is more advantageous to choose as a role model personalities whose traits are similar to ours. To learn more about Role Model Profiler and see sample of test results, please read the test full description.

The risk profile of a test taker will be juxtaposed with the risk profiles of 250 famous men and women (T.Edison, M.Monro, H.Ford, Mother Theresa, R.Nixon, A.Einstein, C.Lindbergh, W.Disney, Princess Diana, Lewis Carrol, M.Thatcher, F.Nightingale, George W.Bush, Dennis Tito, JRR Tolkien, Martha Stewart and many others ).

The result of the test is a list of celebrities' names. These people can be considered the best role models for a test taker since their traits are similar to his. If an individual accepts certain celebrities from the list as his role models, he will be able to learn from them with success. In addition to the list of role models, a list of the most suitable for him areas of activity is presented as well. There are also descriptions of a test taker's most advantageous features presented in the test results. The sample of the test result

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