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More than 40% of people starting a small business are not successful in it. SBPE test allows you to determine what kind of business activity is the most suitable for your business-type. Seven basic business types can be defined as follows:
  • Business Leader
  • Manager
  • Craftsman
  • Licentiate
  • Freelancer
  • Home business entrepreneur
  • Analyst
It's of a great importance to know your own business type because in a case of the incorrect orientation you take a risk to go out of business having lost your money, efforts and assurance in your abilities.
  • Entrepreneur Profiler renders an outstanding tool for small business support centers to promptly solve the problem of choosing the fitting business type for potential or actual businessmen. Real stories
  • The businessmen looking for partner , using the test results, can be sure that his/her partner won't get disappointed. The test results will assure these people that their business partner is capable of becoming a favorable partner indeed. Real stories
  •  This test enables potential businessmen to feel confident that they have chosen line of business the most suitable to their bisiness type.
  • Of no less importance is business-type estimation in a partnership. The dynamics of a business life alters the type and strength of the partners relationships which, in time, may lead to conflicts. Under these changeable circumstances, determining the partners profiles would be very helpful for business stability.
  • The test makes a necessary and promising tool in the business consultant's arsenal. It reveals inadequacy in business position of an entrepreneur, does a good job in bettering the consultation .
  • The test is far and away necessary to the businessmen feeling the tension in their affairs and trying to determine the reasons, seeking for useful recommendations on the optimal business-configuration.

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