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Visionary-Pragmatist Quiz

The Visionary-Pragmatist quiz is about the Vision-Pragmatism personality trait. This trait greatly influences people’s preferences in terms of lifestyle and business activity. This quiz will help you understand the extent of forward-thinking and focus on the future that is right for you.

About Visionary-Pragmatist Quiz

Some people that may be designated as visionaries possess a clear vision of the future, others possess this ability to a lesser degree, whereas others still, designated as pragmatists prefer to deal with concrete today reality and not to burden themselves with contemplation about distant events. People can be grouped according to 5 grades of the vision-pragmatism trait.

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Portrait of the Visionary

The Visionary knows what the future should be like, thanks to their wisdom and imagination. People who fall into this category often become truly enthusiastic about new opportunities, and become easily absorbed in their imagination. That said, they are still aware of the reality and are able to factor it in.

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