Visionary Test

Some people posses a vision of the future, others posses this ability to a lesser degree, whereas a third group prefer to deal with concrete today reality and not to burden themselves with contemplation about the future.

This trait - visionary ability - greatly influences a person's preferred lifestyle and business activity. The test allows you to recognize in yourself to what degree a long perspective of life is important and comfortable for you. When you have determined the optimal perspective for you, you will be able to find the best position for you in various fields of activity: management, social, technological, scientific and artistic.

We distinguish five grades on the scale pragmatic-visionary. They can be designated as follows: Down-to-earth, Pragmatist, Moderately Visionary, Visionary, Dreamer.
The groups of people are differentiated by the index of visionary ability or the Visionary Index (VI). This index ranges from 0% to 100%.
Values of the Visionary Index over 85% are typical for very visionary people. Values of the Visionary index below 35% usually mean that the person is primarily interested in concrete down-to-earth matters.
The average values of the Visionary Index for some groups of people are presented below.

Group Visionary Index%
Scientists 77
Chief Executives 74
Teachers 57
Workers 45
Social cases 40
Alcoholics 39

As a result of the test you will receive a quantitative estimate of your visionary ability, and also a personalized description. A sample of the result of the test is presented below.

Visionary Index 73% - High

  Low Moderately low Moderate High Very high
% 18  
test 15    
takers 12  
Vision ary 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%


Often you are carried away by fanciful speculations and real enthusiasm, but, as a rule, you always know where the ground is. You easily form connections between seemingly disparate ideas and events. You look for general principles, and, if you don't find them, you try to invent or imagine new ones. Your vision is so real for you that it helps you to communicate it to others.
Sometimes you think so much about your projects that in your imagination it already has been implemented. This is the reason why some of your projects exist only in your mind. People like you are often pioneers in their areas of activity.

In the position of manager, people of this type are able to proficiently combine the best aspects of both the short-term and the long-term strategic goals. They have great expectations of their fellows and they utilize both linear and creative thinking. Visionaries need some freedom and protection from strict administrative control to reveal their strength.

When dealing with social undertakings they are carried away by new projects, trying to coordinate them with other social enterprises. They can attract new followers and inspire them with their ideas.

In politics visionaries combine a pragmatic approach with an inspirational way of thinking. In the pragmatic approach, the situation is analyzed logically, ways of reaching the goal are offered, their cost is determined, the positive and negative consequences arising after achievement of the goal are weighed. However, in the inspirational way of thinking, only vision prevails over all other considerations and this vision is usually formulated as the absolute ideological doctrine.

In the technological sphere people of this type, as a rule, shape research and development and possibly new product plans. They provide their vision to planning, design, and development. They support cutting edge technologies, and maintain an innovative approach to potential opportunities. They are able to identify and exploit synergies among disparate technologies. As a rule, they contribute intensively to the development of strategic direction, governance, and risk management.

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