Entrepreneur Type:
Business Leader

The Business Leader is confident, persistent, and inventive in business. He or she can launch a new business and will invest all their energy into establishing it. In addition, one of their outstanding features is a talent for inspiring people. The Business Leader is a good communicator. They know exactly how to implement business policy, and they actively, persistently strive for success. They know how to set goals and they strive to reach them as quickly as possible. This dynamic approach to reaching their goals allows them to quickly develop and promote their business.

However, their approach may also have negative effects. Because the Business Leader strives to reach success quickly, their approach does not always lead to a sustainable business when economic conditions are unfavorable. In such situations, they will sometimes close their enterprise in order to start a new one they believe to be more promising in the moment. The Business Manager flourishes most in a fast-paced environment.

During the company’s start-up period, the Business Leader can develop the business by themselves. At this point, they can temporarily take on the role of manager and analyst, in addition to his or her primary function developing the business.

The Business Leader may encounter problems if they do not anticipate obstacles. Their tendency to take risky actions is also potentially damaging. The Business Leader will find themselves in a tight spot if they do not weigh all the pros and cons while making a decision. Sometimes they cannot stop but try out solutions that are heavily based on a fleeting moment.

The largest comfortable business magnitude for the Business Leader type: Large

Necessary Steps for Success in Your Business

You evaluate information quickly. As a rule, you quickly find a way to achieve your goal. You should be careful not to underestimate the potential difficulties in your path. As well, always carefully consider any possible negative consequences of achieving your goal. It is a good idea to occasionally take breaks from your intense, active work to re-evaluate your goal pathway. Also, try to foresee what problems may arise once the project is completed.

Businesses typical for the Business Leader may or may not be local. Therefore, it is very important to advertise using mass-media agencies that have access to the largest possible audience. Various Internet advertising tools are very useful for this purpose. For example, sending solicited commercial emails to professionals and other customers is a valuable practice. It is also highly beneficial to keep in contact with potential customers through mail, telephone, or other means of communication.

Make sure to carefully analyze customer needs. Then, try to design your advertisements so that they target these needs. Professional referrals and recommendations are essential for the success of your business, so make sure to use them in your marketing and advertising campaign. They can seriously impact a prospective customers’ decision to buy your product; in many cases, they have no other way of judging its quality. Always be in contact with your customers, and send them catalogues or samples of your latest goods.

It is also important to create and support your business brand. Give your business a name that reflects your own name, or one that expresses the essence of your company. Develop a logo or a picture that represents your business. Create and run advertisements. Distribute branded pins, fridge magnets, and similar items to your customers. Remember that low sales may be due to lack of customer’s awareness about the product. Therefore, you should continuously promote your goods and carefully analyze customer feedback. This will help you determine whether the reason for low demand is insufficient advertising or a shortage of product.

If you are financially able to, it makes sense to launch an intensive advertising campaign involving commercials on TV, the radio, the Internet, etc. This is a great way to promote your business. You can increase sales by giving customers the chance to win a valuable prize upon purchase of your product. Create a bundle package of your product and a third-party product. Look for a way to sell your product at a discount to another business who will offer it, free of charge, with a popular product of theirs. In doing this, you will reach a wider audience, while also generating mutual, simultaneous profit for both parties.

Make sure not to push your product overzealously when talking to a customer. However, still point out the product's advantages in terms of quality or price. If you can, give interviews where you explain the advantages of your product or service.

The Business Leader can start a new business or buy an established one. In some cases, they will start a new business based on their own technologies and innovations.

It is important to have a detailed business plan when you start a business. You should assess the market and find a niche for your product or service. Your business plan should point out your company’s weaknesses and suggest strategies to mitigate them. You must analyze the difficulties your competitors face, and propose methods to cope with analogous ones you may encounter. Carefully consider any investments you require to expand your business. Having an investment plan will strengthen your case in negotiations with potential investors.

If you need to strengthen your company’s management, then the Innovative Manager may be the right partner for you.

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Businesses Favorable for the Business Leader

If the Business Leader runs his or her business by themselves, they are often found in the following professions:

  • Commercial sales agent
  • Insurance agent
  • Participator in an affiliate marketing business
  • International trade
  • Owner of a small shop

The Business Leader is often successful in partnerships.



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