Entrepreneur Type:
Business Leader of Technology

The Business Leader of Technology (BLT) clearly understands the structure of his or her business and its technological makeup. They are very skilled in developing complex technologies. One of the BLT’s outstanding characteristics is their ability to form a hardworking, enthusiastic team to work with. They are persistent, inventive, careful, and thorough in their business ventures.

One of their weaknesses can be a pronounced perfectionism, as well as a tendency towards excessive criticism. The Business Leader of Technology may tend to present their products logically but dryly, instead of communicating in a more personable and appealing to customers way.

The BLT can encounter difficulties with expanding their market exposure or entering a new business area quickly. The BLT should always keep in mind that their tendency to overanalyze may put the business at risk in situations that require quick change.

The largest comfortable business magnitude for the Business Leader of Technology type: Large

Necessary Steps for Success in Your Business

As a rule, you actively and persistently strive for success. You know how to set practical goals and how to accomplish them on time. However, your perfectionism takes away from your time and resources, and sometimes slows active development in your business.

You easily analyze a given situation. You know that before beginning to work towards your goal, it should be precisely defined. You should define and assess the various ways of accomplishing it. Then, you should choose the most appropriate method. It is a good idea to weigh the positive and negative consequences of achieving your goal before you take action. If, as a result, you decide that the goal is worth pursuing, then implement your plan decisively. You should do this quickly -- if you procrastinate, various circumstances can slow down or stop your goal-completion efforts.

Businesses typical for the Business Leader of Technology may or may not be local. Therefore, it is very important to advertise using mass-media agencies that have access to the largest possible audience. Various Internet advertising tools are very useful for this purpose. For example, sending solicited commercial emails to professionals and other customers is a valuable practice. It is also highly beneficial to keep in contact with potential customers through mail, telephone, or other means of communication.

Make sure to analyze customer needs and design your marketing and advertisement campaign accordingly, to target these needs. Referrals and recommendations from professionals are also essential for the success of your business success, so make sure to use them in your marketing and advertising. Referrals and recommendations can have a serious impact on a customer’s decision to buy your product - in many cases, this is the only way for them to judge the quality of your product. Always be in contact with your customers, and send them catalogues or samples of your latest goods.

It is also important to create and support your business' brand. Give your business a name that reflects your own name, or one that expresses the essence of your company. Develop a logo or a picture that represents your business. Create and run advertisements. Distribute branded pins, fridge magnets, and similar items to your customers. Remember that low sales may be a result of customers' unfamiliarity with the product. Thus, you should continuously promote your goods and carefully analyze customer feedback. This will help you determine whether the reason for low demand is insufficient advertising or a shortage of product.

Keep in mind that you should not push your product too insistently when talking to potential customers. However, it is good to point out your product’s advantages and why it would be especially useful to them. Explain the product's different uses and make recommendations for its maintenance. Give your permanent clients the option of trying your product, free of charge. If customers trust you, they will trust your product too. As a result, they will be much more inclined to buy the product and will very likely come back for another purchase.

As a Business Leader of Technology, you generally prefer starting a new business over acquiring a running enterprise. If you do indeed plan to start a new business, it is very important for you to correctly choose which product to sell. If your business is based on an innovative product of yours, you need to carefully assess the time and tools required for its development and production.

You should carry out a thorough market survey to evaluate your goods’ or service’s sales potential. You need to become familiar with the expenses and income of companies that produce products similar to yours. It is useful to get opinions from experts in the field. You should only make decisions about the needed quantity and overall necessity of investments after thoroughly considering their advice. In general, it is best to invest more in high-quality equipment and employees, and less in the rent of your premises. As a rule, the location of your business is not critical for its success. This is because sales and customer service are usually performed by stores or sales agencies, or you send your goods directly to the customer with a delivery service.

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Businesses Favorable for the Business Leader of Technology

The BLT often organizes

  • Technological companies
  • Software development companies
  • Information technology companies
  • Internet and application services provider companies
  • Companies for advanced biotechnologies
  • Companies of advanced agricultural technologies
  • Companies of advanced construction technologies



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