Case Study:
Part Time Extra Income

An employee in an organization wanted to increase his income, so he decided to start his own business. His initial job left him with enough free time on his hands for his own business -- therefore, he decided to continue working in his organization. He tried to set up a tour company, but it declined in its beginning stages due to an insufficient client base.

We assisted the client in determining what type of business fits his entrepreneur type. To begin, we used Humanmetrics Entrepreneur Quiz™ to determine client’s entrepreneur type. It turned out that he matched the profile of Home Business Entrepreneur (HBE). The HBE profile description does not identify a tour company as a suitable business for this type. Afterwards, we used the quiz from Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company that determines E.Q. or entrepreneurial quotient intended to indicate how suited a respondent is to entrepreneurship. The E.Q. result not very optimistic – it was -15 points. In this case, the Northwestern Mutual’s quiz suggested the following:

"You might be able to make a go of it if you take on a venture by yourself. However, you would have to work extra hard to compensate for your lack of built-in advantages and skills, which give others a head-start in beginning their own business."

Nevertheless, Humanmetrics Entrepreneur Quiz™ indicated a number of lines of business an HBE can be successful in. We found that from the list of businesses suitable for the Home Business Entrepreneur, the best one for our client was a translation service. He started this business and has now been running it successfully for 5 years.

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