Small Scale Businesses: Entrepreneur Types

Large Scale Businesses
Medium Scale Businesses
Small Scale Businesses

Scale of Business

This scale of business grouping indicates the largest business scale comfortable for a type.

Small-scale businesses: typically have a small-scale business involving 1 or 2 people, small number of business operations per day, and small number of clients.

Medium-scale businesses: their employees are directly managed by the business owner and therefore their number normally do not exceed 6. They have a greater number of business operations daily and often have a significant number of clients and business contacts.

Large-scale businesses: have more employees, in more complex management hierarchy than in the medium-scale businesses. They have great number of business operations daily. As rule such businesses are characterized by a large number of clients, business contacts, and great volume of business communication.

Note that this grouping indicates the largest magnitude of business comfortable for a type. That means that an entrepreneur type can be comfortable with running a business on a smaller scale than the group they are placed in on the diagram. However, running a business of a scale larger than the group a type is placed in may be more challenging and riskier for the type. Such scenarios might benefit from partnering with other entrepreneur types that might be better equipped, from personality traits standpoint, for running larger scale operations.


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