Entrepreneur Quiz: who should take it

  • Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur: thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. Knowing your entrepreneur type helps determine the line of business that fits your personality and helps manage risks. Taking the quiz helps to-be entrepreneurs feel confident that they have chosen a line of business that fits their personality, where they will likely be most successful, comfortable and content.
  • Looking for a business partner? The quiz can indicate which partner, in terms of their entrepreneur type, will be the most suitable one. A business partner brings his or her unique strengths to the table, increasing the likelihood of your business success and expanding your business opportunities to the new areas that can be pursued in a partnership. Another aspect is that down the road business dynamics may affect partner relationship, sometimes leading to conflicts. With these changeable circumstances in mind, determining optimal partner profile helps managing the risks and maintaining business sustainability. Real story.
  • Business in dire straits? Entrepreneur Quiz is useful for entrepreneurs and businesspeople alike experiencing problems with their business and trying to determine the cause, or seeking practical recommendations on improving their business by leveraging their personality strengths and managing their weaknesses.
  • Small business support centers: identify types of businesses suitable for prospective or established entrepreneurs. Real story.
  • Business and career counseling: Entrepreneur Quiz makes a valuable tool in business and career counseling by providing valuable inputs to the counseling session and a takeaway for the clients. It helps understanding whether an entrepreneur possesses personality traits that fit the kind and the size of business they pursue.
  • Franchisers and commercial lenders: Entrepreneur Quiz is a great tool for franchisers, business loan lenders, and their clients. Franchisers and lenders benefit from assessing entrepreneur type of their client and personality compatibility for the type of business they offer (or the type of business a client is pursuing). Their clients benefit from useful tips on how to leverage their strengths, learning what type of partner would be the most useful, and more.
What is your entrepreneur type?  Take the Quiz!
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