About Happiness Quiz

Happiness is a strong positive emotion that people strive to experience. A prolonged deprivation of this emotion is hard for people to bear. In some cases of a long absence of happiness can be related to depression and anxiety. In these cases, depression is triggered by inner processes in the body and is treated as a mental illness requiring the attention of a medical professional.

In the majority of cases, the lack of happiness is related to one’s circumstances and their reaction to them. In such cases, the lack of happiness can be overcome by engaging in certain activities, as well as changing how one responds to their circumstances. A change in one’s attitudes towards the circumstances of their life and other people can be achieved by becoming aware of one’s personality traits and adjusting them.

Many studies of the factors influencing happiness have elucidated a few that have a significant positive effect. Some of the best known factors are the following:

  1. Compassion
  2. Self-Nurturing
  3. Relationships
  4. Charity
  5. Exercise
  6. Positive Thinking
  7. Life Purpose and Flow
  8. Stress Tolerance

The Happiness Quiz assesses the strength of these factors and suggests how to strengthen them.

Below is a sample excerpt from the quiz report:

Happiness Quiz Report


The desire to share in another’s worries and show care towards them often fills your soul with a warm, happy feeling...


The desire and ability to give yourself attention - your appearance, your body, your food - factors into how happy you are with yourself and boosts your mood...


Interaction with people you like and emotional and physical closeness are the most important source of good mood and positive emotions...


Helping those in need not only does good for them, but usually feels good to those doing the helping...


In most people, exercise that is appropriate given their level of fitness is energizing and improves mood dramatically...

Life Purpose and Flow

Flow is a state of mind in which one is fully immersed in what they are doing and doesn’t notice the passing of time. Experiencing flow states and passion for a favorite activity brings a sense of enjoyment and fullness of life...

Positive Thinking

The ability to focus on the positive, rather than the negative in life is very important for experiencing happiness and joyful moments in life...

Stress Tolerance

Stress suppresses positive emotions. Therefore, the ability to overcome it is very important for creating opportunities for positive emotions to arise...

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