Happiness Quiz

Are you truly happy or do you often feel unhappy?
Find your way to happiness.

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For each statement, please select a response that best describes you most of the time and in most situations. There is no right or wrong answer. Selecting an upper case "YES" means strong agreement, and checking a lower case "yes" means moderate agreement. Likewise, selecting an upper case "NO" means strong disagreement, and checking a lower case "no" means moderate disagreement. Selecting "uncertain" means you do not feel strongly either way about the given situation. Answer all questions for reliable result.
1. You see the positive moments even during hard times
2. You enjoy giving gifts
3. You like bringing joy to others
4. You are ready to listen to other people’s troubles
5. You know how to relieve occasional over-stress
6. You have relatives and friends whom you can rely on during difficult times
7. You are suspicious of others
8. You spend most of your time on things that give meaning to your life
9. You feel that helping those in need is one of the best qualities one can have
10. You have friends with whom you enjoy spending time
11. You have a desire to make time for exercise
12. You feel a responsibility to help those in need
13. When doing your favorite activities, you don’t notice the time passing
14. You trust the people around you
15. You never give up, no matter how hard it gets
16. You find time to interact with beauty (nature, art, etc.)
17. You can joke, even during difficult times
18. You can pick yourself up and move forward, even after a major setback
19. You have enough time for sleep
20. You often and willingly help those in need
21. You are happy with how you feel during exercise
22. You often experience repetitive thinking, like your thoughts are stuck in a loop
23. You are happy with your personal relationships
24. You have friends who share your views
25. You feel a noticeable influx of energy during exercise
26. When you’re having a rough time you think about the good in your life
27. You feel invigorated if you take regular walks in fresh air
28. You can sense when someone needs your help
29. You have the opportunity to get proper rest
30. You find time for your favorite pastimes
31. You often feel that the world around you is hostile towards you
32. You have a friend with whom you can share your worries
33. You are often overcome by feelings of hopelessness
34. You feel lonely
35. You are often uninterested in what you are doing
36. You are willing to share in other people’s feelings
37. You often feel very down without knowing why for long periods of time
38. You are passionate about achieving your goals