(Frequently Asked Questions)

No, providing an email or creating an account is not required to take free tests on our website. It is only required if you purchase a premium test.

You can either just bookmark your result page(s) in your browser to view them online later, or you can save them as a PDF to your device.

Use your browser to save a page as a PDF to your device by following the instructions below.

Chrome, Edge, Firefox:
  1. Click the browser’s drop-down menu located in the trop right corner, and then click Print. Alternatively, press Ctrl+P on the keyboard. This will open the Print dialog. Your account will be created as part of your first purchase.
    (The drop-down menu icon looks like a vertical 3 dot icon in Chrome, a horizontal 3 dot icon in Edge, and 3 stacked lines in Firefox.)
  2. Click the Destination drop down ("Printer" in Edge), and select "Save as PDF".
  3. Click Save.
Mac Safari:

Presently, you cannot have a single account to centrally administer to multiple participants and access their results, for the following tests:

  1. Click on File in the Safari menu bar
  2. Scroll down and click "Export as PDF"


  1. choose File > Print.
  2. Click the options pop-up menu (in the separator bar), choose Safari, then set the webpage printing options.
    If you don’t see the options pop-up menu in a separator bar to the right of the page preview, click Show Details at the bottom of the Print dialog.
  3. To create a PDF of the webpage, click PDF at the bottom of the dialog, then choose what you want to do with the PDF.
iPhone Safari:
  1. Tap Share .
  2. Tap Markup .
  3. Tap Done then tap Save File To.
Android Chrome:
  1. Tap the vertical 3 dot icon (usually located in the trop right corner of the screen)
  2. From the drop-down menu, tap on Print
  3. On the next screen, select “Save as PDF” as the destination, and tap the Download icon.

Please note that we do not offer subscription services on www.humanmetrics.com. All premium tests on our website are presently offered on per-use basis. The Jung Typology personality test, and a few other tests are offered free of charge.

If you have purchased a subscription, you must have done so through a third-party website.

How did I end up purchasing a third-party service after visiting your website?

You might have signed up for a subscription after clicking an ad displayed on our website by Google AdSense. The ads on our website enable us to provide free and low-cost services and content. These ads appear within a page or sometimes as a dismissible pop-up after clicking a link on our website, and are identified by either “Ad” or “Advertisement” caption, or the sign. Google AdSense determines what ads to display, and these ads may sometimes include, among other things, advertisements of third-party personality tests or other types of tests – for example, mypersonality.net and brainable.com. Please be advised that we do not endorse nor are we affiliated with these and any of the third parties.

What should I do?

If you have subscribed to a third-party service after clicking an ad displayed on our website, please note that these third-party advertised services are not affiliated with us in any way. You must contact them directly with inquiries related to their services.

To identify the seller of your subscription, check for a payment receipt or a confirmation email that includes the seller’s contact information. Also, check the payment transaction description on your card's statement – it may include the seller’s information – and contact them with your request.

If you are unable to identify the seller, you may want to contact your credit card provider and ask them to cancel any unauthorized transactions.

Yes, click here for bulk purchase.
Premium versions of Entrepreneur Quiz and Risk Attitudes Profiler:

Read about group testing with Entrepreneur Quiz and Risk Attitudes Profiler.

Premium Career Development Profiler, employee development and pre-employment assessments based on Jungian typology:

Use our assessment service on HRPersonality.com

If you are an education institution interested in using hrpersonality.com assessments with your students, you may qualify for an EDU discount - contact us to inquire.

The premium version of Jung Marriage Test:
  1. Purchase Jung Marriage Test in bulk. Your account will be created as part of your first purchase.
  2. Instruct your clients to complete the free Jung Typology Test and send you their results with personality type scores (they can send you the link to their result).
  3. Use the Jung Marriage Test in your account with their personality type scores, for each pair of respondents.
  4. Save or print their result to a PDF using your browser for sharing with your client.
Other tests:

Presently, you cannot have a single account to centrally administer to multiple participants and access their results, for the following tests:

  1. Role Model Quiz
  2. Morals Quiz
  3. Visionary-Pragmatist Quiz
  4. Assertiveness Quiz
  5. All free tests

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Here some examples of referencing the Jung Typology Test:

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