Group Testing: How it Works

The Risk Attitudes Profiler and the Entrepreneur Quiz can be purchased in bulk for a group of participants. We call such group a “guest group” and its participants “guest users”. You will provide your participants with a special link they can visit to complete the quiz at their convenience and obtain their report. You, as the host user, will have access to the results of all the participants.

1. Purchase testing credit

To host a guest group, you must be a registered user and you must purchase testing credits to be used with the group testing. If you have not done so already, you will be prompted to register when you purchase the tests {/tests/purchase} for the first time.

For your initial group purchase, select the quantity according to the number of participants you anticipate (minimum 2), for the test of your choice (either the Risk Attitudes Profiler or the Entrepreneur Quiz).

NOTE: Once you have completed your purchase, you must enable guest groups in your account, by visiting the Account page and checking "Guest Groups". That only needs to be done once.

2. Create a new or use an existing Guest Group

Use the “Results” menu to open the Results page and click the “Guest Groups” button. You must be logged in to your account in order to access Groups.

  • To create a group for the first time, click the "Create Guest Group" button.
  • To add a new group, click the “Create new group” link.
  • To use an existing group, click the group name.

Follow the instructions provided.

3. Send the group link to the participants

Once the group has been created (or an existing group opened), note the guest user link that has been generated for the group. This is the link that you must copy and paste, and send to the participants you invite to complete the quiz of your choice in this group. Please instruct them to take the quiz and use the “Premium” button to get their premium report.


The Participants

  1. Your participants will open the provided guest group link in their browser. The link will bring them to the start page of the quiz of your choice. They will complete the free portion of the quiz and then have a choice to generate the premium result.
  2. When they click “Premium” they will be prompted to enter their first name and the first letter of their last name, that will be attached to their result in your account, and after that they will be immediately presented with their premium report - free of charge to them.
  3. The participants can print or save their result via their browser, or they can bookmark their result in order to access it online later.
    NOTE: As a host, be sure to instruct your participants to memorize what they entered as their first name and last name initial if they wish to access their result online later.

Viewing Group Results

As the group host, you can access all group results in your account via the Groups page available through the Results menu. Click on the Results menu, then click on the Guest Groups button, and finally click on the name of the group

If you have enabled group result notifications in your account settings, you will receive an email notification each time a participant completes a quiz in your group.


For pricing and to purchase in bulk, please click here Once you make a bulk purchase based on the number of participants you anticipate, your account will be credited accordingly. The credit does not expire. Each time a participant completes a quiz in your guest groups and generates a premium report, the corresponding amount of credit will be deducted from the total credit in your account. You and the participant can access their premium report online and print or save at no extra charge. You can purchase additional credit as needed, to be used in an existing or a new guest group in your account.

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