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Jung’s and Briggs-Myers’ Typology Resources

It’s been a great honor for us to serve the academic and educational community for the past 25 years, including numerous schools and universities in the US and around the world!

During all these years, the tried, tested, and true Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test (JTT) has been used by educators as part of their educational curriculum on psychology, relationships, career planning, and other courses. It has also been employed as part of student team-building and icebreaker activities and for academic and career path exploration. Finally, we are proud that JTT has been a valuable tool in many research projects.

If you are an educator, you are welcome to use the Jung Typology Test directly on our website, free of charge, with your students and for your research projects. When you include the link to JTT in your educational materials and research work, please provide proper attribution to Humanmetrics.

Free Jungian Typology Resources

Benefits for Educators

  • Enhanced Student Self-Awareness: Helps students understand their own strengths and weaknesses, aiding in personal and academic development.
  • Tailored Guidance: Provides detailed insights into students' personality types, allowing for more personalized guidance and support.
  • Improved Classroom Dynamics: Facilitates a more inclusive and effective learning environment through understanding of diverse personality traits.
  • Versatile Educational Tool: Can be used in psychology, career planning, team-building activities, and more.
  • Support for Research: A reliable tool for conducting educational and psychological research.

Benefits for Students

  • Career and Academic Direction: Identifies potential career paths and academic pursuits that align with their personality type.
  • Personal Growth: Encourages self-reflection and personal development by providing a deeper understanding of their personality and behavior.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Improves ability to communicate and collaborate effectively by understanding their own and others' personality traits.
  • Team-Building and Icebreakers: Facilitates bonding and teamwork among students through shared insights and understanding.

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Integration into Learning Platforms

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Referencing This Site

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Here some examples of referencing the Jung Typology Test:

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Join the numerous educators and institutions who have benefited from the Jung Typology Test, and empower your students with the insights they need to thrive academically and personally.

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