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Often, our actions are determined by our moral principles. But do we know what our principles actually are? Do we apply them when we are at a loss of what to do in various circumstances? The issue of morals is one of the most fundamental in humanity. Any society is built on an agreed understanding of what is good and what is bad, i.e. on a mutually established understanding of morals. Morals are not equivalent to laws. They deal with a profound sense of the difference between good and evil. It is shared morals that secure any society. The morals of different peoples and civilizations can be different. This particular quiz is based on the moral principles of European-American civilization.

There will never be strict adherence to the moral principles of any given society by all its people at all times. It is not uncommon for people to deviate. The significance and frequency of these deviations define the degree of an individual’s morality. This quiz demonstrates four types of morality in individuals: highly moral, moral, morally ambiguous, and immoral.

As a result of the quiz you will receive a quantitative estimate of how moral you are, and also a description of your moral type.

Below is a sample excerpt from the quiz report:

320100Morality Index

Morally Ambiguous

You most closely resemble those people who, on the whole, respect the moral laws of society, but frequently and for various reasons, do not follow them. They easily forgive themselves deviations from the rules, considering it a minor matter. They can allow themselves deviations from those moral rules so long as they do not infringe the law. This justifies them in their own eyes. Without remorse, they can take advantage of an oversight or a mistake by those with whom they do business. When advertising goods, they easily overestimate advantages or stay silent about known side effects.
Profit is the main criterion they use to guide their activities. Such people consider themselves quite honest as they do not break laws.

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