ENFP Under Stress

It’s important for ENFPs to have many friendly relationships. When good relations are broken for some reason, this really brings an ENFP down. They sometimes begin blaming themselves for ruining these relationships and try to back off on communication to avoid aggravating the situation. If they can’t get rid of these painful feelings for a long time, they may start suspecting others of being unfriendly towards them.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Limited interaction with others for a long period of time.
  2. No room for inspiring others and encouraging their initiatives.
  3. Routine tasks may be stressful to them and make them feel unhappy - especially if they are numerous and continuous in nature.
  4. Being constrained by strict rules and forced to follow numerous procedures will put a lot of stress on this people and as a result, make them feel frustrated, tired and very unhappy.
  5. Limited possibilities for making changes.

Behaviors of ENFPs under stress

  1. Try to take a very active part in many things.
  2. Are impatient and obsessed with fanciful ideas.
  3. Become detached, with no desire to interact with anyone.
  4. Worry about strange sensations in the body.

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If you are an ENFJ

Stress relief methods

Although you are generally bristling with energy, there may be times when you will just need a break. During these breaks, put your worries out of your mind as much as possible. There will be plenty of time for them later. It is always a good idea to go away on vacation, take a road trip, go on a hike, or just indulge in the pleasures of doing absolutely nothing. There are a few things that could help you unwind, such as playing sports, having a night out with friends, watching a movie or listening to music. Just do what you like. Oh, and last but not least, learn some relaxation and meditation techniques. Those may come in quite handy.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

You can apply the knowledge of the typical signs of an ENFP’s behavior and feelings in stressful situations described above to manage your stress. For example, if you feel intensely like you absolutely have to be part of numerous events, you should note that this may be a sign of rising stress levels. It’s probably worth taking a break and immersing yourself in an enjoyable pastime. If you’re worrying that you’re somehow responsible for unfriendly relations, it’s probably time for a change of setting and engaging in a favorite activity or interacting with arts or the beauty of nature. It’s worth paying attention to the signs of increasing stress and taking the necessary steps to prevent it from developing further.

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