ENTJ Under Stress

Achieving success is of utmost importance to an ENTJ. They are willing to do a lot to quickly and effectively reach their goals. Their drive for pursuing the results they want can be met with resistance from others, especially their competitors. When their advancement is halted, ENTJs become especially demanding and often ignore the opinions of others. If things get worse, they can begin to feel tired and like they are useless to others.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Being micro-managed, as well as having little or no latitude in decision-making will be stressful for this people and will make them feel disappointed.
  2. Routine tasks may be stressful for them and make them feel unhappy.
  3. Constantly trying to be personable, empathetic and warm with others may exhaust them.
  4. An environment that does not allow them to establish vision, strategy and goals.
  5. When their accomplishments are not seen and recognized.

Behaviors of ENTJs under stress

  1. Criticize and get irritated by others.
  2. May have emotional breakdowns.
  3. Ignore the opinions of others.
  4. Feel that they are not appreciated enough for what they do for others and that they are unneeded.

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If you are an ENTJ

Stress relief methods

It’s very important for you to learn to cope with stress, as it occurs often enough in people with your personality type. This emotional tension manifests itself in anger and confrontational behavior, which may cause you to feel isolated. In any conflict, try to defuse your anger by going into another room to calm down. Certain activities, such as playing competitive sports, can help you reduce the annoyance you feel. Additionally, to help yourself recover from emotional strain, try half-hour-long muscle relaxation sessions—an effective technique that could be easily learned and applied as needed. Getting together with friends, watching sports, playing various sports yourself, working on home improvement projects, and growing your own vegetables are all good for the purpose.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

The behaviors and feelings of an ENTJ under stress described above will help you prevent the development of stress. For example, if you’re often critical of the actions and opinions of others you should pay attention, as this could signal that you’re becoming stressed. It’s likely that you could benefit from taking a break and devoting substantial time to relaxation sessions and fun activities.

If you often feel tired and unneeded by others, this may be a sign that your stress levels have increased, and it would be best to spend more time on housekeeping tasks or a favorite hobby that you get totally immersed in. It’s worth paying attention to the signs of increasing stress and taking the necessary steps to prevent it from developing further.

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