ENTP Learning Style

How ENTPs acquire, memorize and recollect information

An ENTP’s interest in learning a subject is motivated by their desire to answer the question, “In what ways can the given problem be solved?” The more solutions they learn of, the greater their interest in the given topic and the greater their desire to understand it.

They are motivated to study something when it allows them to find solutions to complex, intellectually challenging tasks.

ENTPs easily take in material when it is presented in a conceptual form and new information logically flows from that previously given. People of this type understand new material from multiple angles - beyond what they are explicitly taught - and immediately pick up on how it can be applied. They are capable of independently learning expansive and complex material; the complexity of the material only intensifies their drive to master it. Material laid out in an intriguing way and/or presented as new and unexplored sharply increases the interest of an ENTP. They are capable of learning from sources not unified by a single formal learning process (e.g., individual courses or readings).

ENTPs are able to accurately reproduce theoretical information and information that lacks logical flow. Group work with the material being studied does not give an ENTP any advantage over individual work.

ENTPs are capable of actively applying material they have learned well and internalized. They are good at using it in obvious, straightforward applications as well as taking an innovative approach to the material.

ENTPs have a significant degree of tolerance to high levels of learning related stress. They don’t always evenly distribute their efforts when learning new material.

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An ENTP’s learning is improved when:

  • Learning is systematic and intensive
  • Material is delivered on a conceptual basis
  • The subject really captures their interest or is intellectually challenging
  • Material is presented from multiple points of view or using various examples (improves retention)
  • Material is delivered at a fast pace, as ENTPs quickly sort and process information

An ENTP’s learning is hindered when:

  • Material is trivial
  • They don’t feel that the knowledge they gain takes their understanding of the topic to the next level
  • There is a need to carry out a large number of routine tasks
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