ENTP Under Stress

For an ENTP it’s important to be prepared to find solutions for challenging problems. As long as they’re able to find these solutions, all is well. When circumstances don’t allow them to look for solutions or it’s notably more time-consuming than the ENTP had imagined, this brings them down. If this is the case, they will generally lose interest in the task at hand and try to find a different, more exciting task. If the process of transitioning to a new task drags on, an ENTP may start arguing with those around them for all sorts of reasons. It’s not uncommon for them to become annoyed with what they perceive to be a lack of competence in other people. Not wanting to aggravate the irritation or malaise that they feel, they will quite often try to distance themselves from unpleasant circumstances.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Routine tasks may be stressful for them and make them feel unhappy.
  2. Being constrained by strict rules and forced to follow numerous procedures will put a lot of stress on this people and as a result, make them feel frustrated, tired and very unhappy.
  3. No room for implementing their own initiatives.
  4. Having to deal with incompetent people.

Behaviors of ENTPs under stress

  1. Are annoyed at the incompetence of those around them.
  2. Distance themselves from what's going on around them.
  3. Become cold to those around them.
  4. Become overly argumentative.
  5. Develop aches in various parts of the body.

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If you are an ENTP

Stress relief methods

It is important to know how to restore your emotional energy during stressful times. For you, the best ways to raise your spirits are a change of scenery, music, serious reading that will challenge your mind, meeting new and interesting people and spending more time with your loved ones. Other activities like playing sports, having a night out with friends, watching a movie or listening to music can also be helpful. Exercise would be great too since physical activity helps get rid of stress and frustration. Oh, and last but not least, learn some relaxation and meditation techniques. Those may come in quite handy.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

Having noted the typical behaviors and feelings of an ENTP in stressful situations, you will be able to use this knowledge to help manage your stress. For example, if you become annoyed at the incompetence of lots of people, it’s likely that you’re becoming stressed. It would be good to take a break from your routine activities and spend a substantial amount of time on an activity you love, and which will give you a strong emotional boost. When you notice that you’re frequently getting into arguments with those around you or you’re losing interest in activities you used to enjoy, it’s quite possible that this is caused by increasing stress levels. In such situations, changing your external circumstances or going on an interesting trip can be very helpful.

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