ESFP Learning Style

How ESFPs acquire, memorize and recollect information

An ESFP’s interest in learning a certain subject revolves around the question “Am I enjoying this?” The more they enjoy what they are learning, the greater their interest in the topic and the greater their desire to learn and take part in the direct application of what they learn. Their desire to study something is driven by the possibility of using what they learn to bring joy to others.

ESFPs learn easily and quickly when the new material is delivered in a concrete, visual way. They quickly grasp its various practical applications. They try to define their feelings towards to the topic and communicate actively during the learning process, seeking feedback from their peers on their work. They find it easy to learn through active methods such as debates, contests and educational games, and group work with the material is preferable. Whether or not the material is presented in a systematic and logical way has little impact on their learning. They can easily take in a substantial amount of information lacking significant logical flow.

This type is able to accurately reproduce information they receive. They can precisely recall large rapidly changing sequences of information.

ESFPs are capable of varied practical work involving learned material. Applying material they have learned, understood, and internalized bring them great joy.

ESFPs have a moderate level of tolerance to high levels of learning related stress. They tend to put off work until the last minute.

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An ESFP’s learning is improved when:

  • The subject engages their feelings and emotions
  • The topic is of concrete nature
  • Visual aids and active learning methods such as debates, contests and educational games are used
  • The topics are ones that they really like (greatly increases interest)
  • The same material is repeatedly presented (improves retention)
  • Material is taught using various examples (improves retention)
  • Material is presented in an artistic, aesthetically appealing way

An ESFP’s learning is hindered when:

  • Material is overly conceptual and theoretical
  • The material lacks practical application (strongly reduces interest)
  • The material does not engage their feelings and emotions (reduces interest)
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