ESFP Under Stress

ESFP like to have lots of active interaction with other people. Obstacles to this type of interaction cause them to feel down. In an attempt to get out of this state, they seek out various types of entertainment. If this doesn’t help, they try to find ways to overcome the obstacles. ESFPs can also feel exhausted when they have to follow any bureaucratic rules.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Limited active communication with others.
  2. Absence or significant deficiency of activities involving personable and warm interactions with others.
  3. Time limits.
  4. Activities requiring intensive and continuous application of analytical skills may exhaust them.
  5. Intensive focus on strategic plans may be stressful and exhausting to them.
  6. Being constrained by strict rules and forced to follow numerous procedures will put a lot of stress on this people and as a result, make them feel frustrated, tired and very unhappy.
  7. Restricted possibility to make changes.

Behaviors of ESFPs under stress

  1. Condemn others for restricting their freedom of actions.
  2. Endlessly seek out entertainment.
  3. Accuse others of having bad intentions towards them.
  4. Have fears of the future, which they see in a negative light.

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If you are an ESFP

Stress relief methods

Relax for a while and try to put the daily routine behind you. Learn what works best to help you restore the emotional energy lost in the humdrum of your everyday life. To help relieve frustration and stress, take advantage of the holistic methods available, such as tai chi, autogenic training, relaxation, yoga, etc. If you are religious, prayer may give you great emotional relief and sometimes even help you make important decisions. However, do not expect every prayer to be answered. Your emotional well-being can be improved by engaging in sports and games, and it will help keep your spirits up too.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

The typical feelings and behaviors of an ESFP mentioned above can help you in your efforts to manage your stress. For example, if you notice that you’re constantly looking for some entertainment, it’s quite possible that you’re feeling the pressure of the high demands of your life’s circumstances. It’s worth turning to holistic practices (relaxation, yoga, meditation etc.). When you begin accusing others of having negative feelings towards you, consider that this feeling you’re having may be a sign of increasing stress levels. To get out of this state, try to devote more time to games, sports, and spiritual practices.

The described signs of stress in an ESFP will help you notice when your stress levels are rising and take steps to prevent it.

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