ESTJ Under Stress

For ESTJs it’s important to be part of a community with clearly defined rules. They consider themselves personally responsible for upholding these rules. When these rules change abruptly or even if they’re being questioned, this causes them stress. They try to prevent these changes from happening. If changes continue, this causes an ESTJ to feel destabilized. Furthermore, they strive to confront those who they think are responsible for the change, both ordinary people and those in positions of power.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Situations in which the rules by which things operate change quickly.
  2. Situations that hinder effective work.
  3. Constantly trying to be personable, empathetic and warm with others may exhaust them.
  4. Ambiguity in communication among those with whom they’re working.
  5. Irresponsible behavior of others.

Behaviors of ESTJs under stress

  1. Are critical and negative towards others.
  2. Are irritable and impatient.
  3. May have emotional breakdowns when stress continues to climb.
  4. Feel lonely or undervalued by others.

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If you are an ESTJ

Stress relief methods

It’s very important for you to learn to cope with stress, as it occurs often enough in people with your personality type. Stress may adversely affect your health, causing cardio-vascular problems and psychosomatic illnesses. Stress is a common by-product of conflicts with your colleagues or family members and may generally result from any situation in which you feel you have been wronged. This emotional tension manifests itself as anger and aggressive behavior, which may cause you to feel isolated. In any conflict, try to defuse your anger. You can do this by going into another room to calm down, if possible, or by releasing your anger in some relatively harmless way, such as banging your fist on a table, or, in the privacy of your mind, telling the offender everything you wanted to tell them in person but didn’t. Certain activities, such as playing competitive sports, can help you reduce the anger and aggression you feel. Additionally, to help yourself recover from emotional strain, try half-hour-long muscle relaxation sessions—an effective technique that could be easily learned and applied as needed.

To help relieve frustration and stress, it would be helpful to engage in any of your favorite pastimes. Getting together with friends, watching sports, playing various sports yourself, working on home improvement projects, and growing your own vegetables are all good for the purpose.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

Knowing the behaviors and feelings of an ESTJ in stressful situations described above can help you prevent stress from developing. For example, if you’re often irritated by the actions of others and are intolerant of their opinions, this may be a sign that you’re becoming stressed. It’s probably worth taking a break and spending some time relaxing or doing a fun activity.

If you often experience anger or feel like your efforts are undervalued, this is a sign that your stress levels have increased significantly. It would be best to spend some more time on housekeeping activities, meeting with friends, or a favorite hobby that you get totally immersed in.

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