ESTP Under Stress

ESTPs often act based on immediate goals, which for them change rapidly as circumstances change. When others interfere with their ability to quickly switch between goals or the circumstances don’t allow it, this causes an ESTP a lot of strain. They are assertive in finding efficient ways of dealing with such roadblocks when they occur. If circumstances continue to prevent an ESTP from acting in their characteristic manner, they begin suspecting others of intentionally acting against them and try to find ways to actively resist it.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Being constrained by strict rules and forced to follow numerous procedures will put a lot of stress on this people and as a result make them feel frustrated, tired and very unhappy.
  2. Limited active interaction with people.
  3. Activities involving personable, warm and caring interactions with others.
  4. Limited possibilities for making changes.
  5. Time-limits.
  6. Activities requiring maintaining focus and attention to detail for extensive periods of time.

Behaviors of ESTPs under stress

  1. Become more talkative and assertive in what they say.
  2. Constantly pursue novel entertainment.
  3. Suspect other of having ulterior motives in relation to them.
  4. Fear the future, which they perceive very negatively.

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If you are an ESTP

Stress relief methods

At times you feel drained and need to restore your emotional energy. The best way to go about this is by doing some light chores around the house, spending time with your family, participating in some carefree entertainment (no games of chance, though) or simply doing nothing. Certain activities, such as playing competitive sports, can help you reduce the anger and aggression you feel. Additionally, to help yourself recover from emotional strain, try half-hour-long muscle relaxation sessions—an effective technique that could be easily learned and applied as needed. All of the above help relieve stress and frustration.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

Knowing the behavior and feelings of an ESTP in stressful situations described above will help you in your efforts to curb stress. For example, if you find that you’re constantly seeking entertainment or thrills, it’s quite possible that you’re feeling the pressure of the high demands of your life’s circumstances. It’s worth devoting more time to, say, competitive sports or vacation. When you begin suspecting others of having an unkind attitude towards you and begin planning revenge, consider that your emotions may be a sign of distress. To get out of this state, try to spend more time on games and sports, as well as relaxation methods. Time with loved ones or simply relaxing will help diffuse your negative emotions.

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