Famous ESTJs

Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging
Simon Peter (Christ's disciple)
John Heywood (c.1497-c.1580, collector of English colloquialisms)
U.S. Presidents:
  • James Monroe
  • Andrew Jackson
  • William Henry "Tippecanoe" Harrison
  • Franklin Pierce
  • Grover Cleveland
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • George W. Bush
Carrie Nation
Elliot Ness
John D. Rockefeller
Bette Davis
Robert A. Taft (U.S. senator, son of Pres. Wm. H. Taft)
Sam Walton, owner and founder of WalMart stores
Barbara Stanwyck
Rev. Billy Graham
Dale Bumpers (U.S. Senator, D-Arkansas)
Phil Fulmer, head football coach of the U. Tenn Vols
Pat Head Summit, head basketball coach of the Lady Vols
Bill Frist, M.D. (U.S. Senate Majority Leader)

Fictional ESTJs:

Lucy (Charles Schultz's Peanuts character)
Mrs. Harbottle (Herriott, All Creatures Great and Small)
Mrs. Rachel Lynde (Anne of Green Gables)
The Mayor (The Music Man)

Typology of Westeros: personality types of the characters from A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novel series (you may have seen its Game of Thrones TV adaptation).

(by Joe Butt - published under license)

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