INFJ Learning Style

How INFJs acquire, memorize and recollect information

An INFJ’s interest in learning a subject is related to the question, “Is it good for people?” The more they see a topic to be beneficial to others, the greater their interest in the topic and the greater their desire to actively engage in it. Their interest in studying the material is motivated by their desire to find solutions to people-related issues.

INFJs easily take in information when a significant part of it is devoted to the topic’s relevance and connection to people. They also learn easily if the knowledge they receive significantly expands the boundaries of their understanding and opportunities for application in the given area, and appeals to their feelings or moral values. They are able to quite easily comprehend material even when it consists of information that lacks significant logical flow. For example, learning the rules of the road may be no more difficult for an INFJ than grasping a theory. They are capable of independently learning and understanding new material.

INFJs are capable of mechanical memorization, but the amount retained this way is less than from memory based on understanding. INFJs are capable of accurately reproducing received information, especially if they associate it with any feelings.

INFJs are able to actively apply acquired knowledge and skills to their work. They can apply them in concrete assignments or further develop them in a given direction. Working with material they have learned, understood, and internalized brings them great enjoyment.

INFJs have a high level of tolerance to high levels of learning related stress, but they prefer to evenly distribute their efforts when learning new material and avoid last-minute cramming.

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An INFJ’s learning is improved when:

  • Material is delivered on a theoretical basis, especially as it relates to the humanities and social sciences
  • They work independently with the study material
  • They participate in group work with the material (can be a good supplement to independent work)
  • The same material is repeatedly presented (improves retention)
  • Material is delivered from different viewpoints and using varied examples (improves retention)
  • Material is complex (often increases their drive to learn it)
  • Learning is systematic (e.g., an organized degree or certification program)
  • Visual aids and active learning methods are used
  • Material is delivered at a moderate pace

An INFJ’s learning is hindered when:

  • They do not consider the material to be of personal importance
  • Large amounts of information lacking substantial conceptual connection are delivered at a fast pace
  • The knowledge gained does not significantly broaden and deepen their understanding in the field (reduces interest)
  • The material does not engage their feelings