INFP Under Stress

It’s characteristic of INFPs to treat others with goodwill and kindness. They strive to make the lives of others better. For many people of this type, it’s important to understand and determine for themselves what is good and what is bad. When it becomes difficult for these two core values – goodwill towards others and moral integrity – to coexist, this really brings an INFP down. In trying to feel better, they may begin retreating into themselves. They will try to figure out how to reconcile their conflicting feelings.

If the situation gets worse, INFPs may begin strongly criticizing those who don’t share their understanding of good and bad. Sometimes, this turns into a denial of certain moral ideas that are traditional in their community.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Routine tasks may be stressful for them and make them feel unhappy.
    Being constrained by strict rules and forced to follow numerous procedures may make them feel frustrated, tired and unhappy.
  2. Prolonged analysis of formal data.
  3. Having to frequently participate in activities involving organizing.

Behaviors of INFPs under stress

  1. Distance themselves from others and retreat into themselves.
  2. Become overly critical.
  3. Are much more likely to feel upset over imagined disregard by others.
  4. Have a negative attitude towards much of their surroundings.

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If you are an INFP

Stress relief methods

Set aside your regular activities, at least for a little while, and take some time to think about something else. Spend some time on a hobby, especially if it’s a creative one. Watch a live sports game with your friends or go on a picnic or an interesting outing with your family or loved ones. Your leisure activities should be taken seriously - don’t regret the time you spend on them. You will more than make up for the time away form your usual tasks when you get back to them, refreshed and re-energized. Another great way to relax and recharge is meditation. Learning how to meditate is very rewarding and can become an important part of your life.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

Knowing the typical behaviors and feelings of an INFP in stressful situations can help you prevent stress from developing. For example, if you’re losing interest in what’s going on around you and are becoming very critical, this may be a sign of increasing stress. It would be good to set aside some time for doing something that brings you joy. This might be helping someone who you think is in need. Perhaps it’s immersing yourself in some intellectual task that will help you relieve some of the pressure you feel.

If you feel very annoyed by the fact that many of the people around you don’t share your opinions and aren’t even trying to see what to you is obvious, it’s quite possible that this feeling is a result of increasing stress. To get some relief from this feeling, it’s worth getting away from your usual surroundings. For example, going on a trip that you’ve been dreaming of for a while or spending some quiet time alone, pulling back from the demands of the outside world. If symptoms of stress and exhaustion appear after numerous and intensive interactions, consider taking a break to get some solitude and recuperate.

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