INTJ Under Stress

Many INTJs have a significant tendency for strategical thinking. Given this tendency, they can often be unhappy with those who don’t spend much time thinking over ideas and looking for patterns and general principles behind them. Since striving to achieve something significant is what makes life meaningful for them, obstacles in doing so bring them down. If these obstacles are not resolved for a long time, this causes stress for an INTJ. An INTJ’s efforts to get out of this state lead them to making abrupt changes in their life, which may seem strange and unexpected to others.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Numerous and continuous routine tasks may be stressful for this people and make them feel unhappy.
  2. Generally, this people can deal with activities requiring a lot of communication. However, prolonged and frequent contact with others may stress them out.
  3. Having to deal with insufficiently competent people.
  4. A lot of unorganized activity.

Behaviors of INTJs under stress

  1. Distance themselves from what’s going on around them and get absorbed by their thoughts.
  2. Develop pains in various parts of the body, especially in the stomach area.
  3. Become cold in relation to others.
  4. Become contentious and disagreeable.
  5. Are sometimes angry with the actions of others, even over small things.

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If you are an INTJ

Stress relief methods

With you stress can happen due to fatigue, prolonged emotional pressure, or when things are not going as expected. It is important to know how to restore your emotional energy during such periods. For you, the best ways to raise your spirits are a change of scenery, music, serious reading that will challenge your mind, meeting new and interesting people and spending more time with loved ones. During periods of emotional exhaustion, catch up on things you have been putting off for lack of time. Sometimes even getting the upper hand in a game of chess or tennis can make a big difference. Exercise would be great too since physical activity helps get rid of stress and frustration. You can also restore your emotional energy by regularly practicing relaxation and meditation.

If the symptoms of irritation and exhaustion appeared after numerous and intensive interactions with others, consider taking a break to get some solitude and recuperate.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

Having understood from the above description what the typical behaviors and feelings of an INTJ in stressful situations are, try to apply this knowledge to help manage your stress. For example, if you often feel that you want to be alone and unbothered, this means that you’re becoming stressed and need to spend some time by yourself to regain strength and energy. If you’re reacting sharply, even in response to minor conflicts at home, this means that your stress levels have increased quite significantly. You need a change of environment or to meet and relax with your friends as soon as possible. Try to notice the signs of rising stress levels and take the necessary steps to halt them.

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