INTP Under Stress

Many INTPs are inclined to intellectual problem-solving, especially where analytical skills are required. When their circumstances don’t give them opportunities to work on such problems, this brings INTPs down. They are often critical of the quality of their own work and are prone to repeatedly re-checking it. Often, the scrupulousness of their approach conflicts with the quick problem-solving required in certain situations. Such situations are stressful for many INTPs. When they’re under stress, they become slower and their thinking less sharp.

If the stress worsens, INTPs may have emotional breakdowns, followed by a loss of interest in what’s going on around them.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Routine tasks may be stressful for them and make them feel unhappy.
    Being constrained by strict rules and forced to follow numerous procedures may make them feel frustrated, tired and unhappy.
  2. Prolonged and numerous interactions with people may stress them out.
  3. Having to deal with incompetent people.
  4. Having to frequently participate in activities involving organizing.

Behaviors of INTPs under stress

  1. Become overly argumentative.
  2. Distance themselves from others and retreat into themselves.
  3. May have emotional breakdowns when stress continues to climb.
  4. Lose interest in everything.

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If you are an INTP

Stress relief methods

It’s important to know how to restore your emotional energy when this happens. For you, the best ways to raise your spirits are a change of scenery, music, serious reading that would challenge your mind, meeting new and interesting people and spending more time with loved ones. Commit some time to a hobby, especially if it’s a creative one. Go to a sporting event with your friends. Take your family or loved ones on a picnic or an interesting outing.

During periods of emotional exhaustion, catch up on things that you have been putting off for lack of time. Exercise would be great too, since physical activity helps get rid of stress and frustration. You can also restore your emotional energy by regularly practicing relaxation and meditation.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

Being familiar with the feelings and behaviors of an INTP in stressful situations will help you cope when you’re experiencing stress. For example, if you’re frequently getting into arguments or feel tired for long periods of time, it’s likely that you’re becoming stressed. If this is the case, it would be best to take a break from your usual tasks and spend a substantial amount of time on a favorite activity that gives you an emotional boost. Getting together with your friends or people you find interesting will also help reduce stress. When you notice that you’re reacting too emotionally to what’s going on around you or that you’re losing interest in things you used to get very immersed in, it’s quite likely that this may be due to increasing stress levels. In these situations, it would be wise to change up your surroundings or go on an interesting trip. Another great way to reduce stress is through relaxation exercises. If you find that irritation and exhaustion appear after numerous intensive interactions, it may be useful to take a break to spend some time in solitude and recuperate.

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