ISFJ Under Stress

ISFJs strive to support others. They want to take part in activities that are important to and involve many people. It’s important for them to be on friendly terms with the people around them. ISFJs actively uphold the rules of their community. When these rules change abruptly and drastically, this causes them stress. In this state, they often become demanding or overly emotional in their reactions to what’s going on around them. The resulting conflict between their demandingness and kind feelings towards others causes even more stress. If the situation continues to get worse, ISFJs will become anxious. Sometimes, they lose faith in the future. They feel exhausted and not interested in anything.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. Situations in which the rules are often changing.
  2. An absence or sharp deficiency of activities involving personable, warm and caring interactions with others.
  3. Activities requiring intensive and continuous application of analytical skills may exhaust them.
  4. Intensive focus on strategic planning may be stressful and exhausting to them.

Behaviors of ISFJs under stress

  1. Become more emotional and stubborn.
  2. Retrieve into themselves.
  3. Become anxious, sometimes afraid.
  4. Feel lonely and have a pessimistic outlook on the future.
  5. Feel tired and weak.

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If you are an ISFJ

Stress relief methods

Don’t force yourself to continue working when your stress is high. Forget about your work for a little while and take time out to think about something else. Devote some time to a hobby, especially a creative one. Go to a sporting event with your friends. Go on a picnic or an interesting outing with your loved ones. Be serious about your leisure activities and don’t regret the time spent on them. Take advantage of the holistic methods available, such as tai chi, autogenous training, relaxation, yoga, meditation, etc. Mastering these skills is very rewarding, and they can become a staple in your life.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

You can use the behaviors and feelings of an ISFJ under stress described above to help you prevent stress from developing. For example, if you’re often demanding towards others and are over-emotional in your reactions, this may be a sign that you’re becoming stressed. It’s worth taking a break from your usual routine and devoting some time to, say, a favorite hobby or fun with your friends.

If you’re overcome with gloom, tiredness or indifference to what’s going on around you, this may signal that your stress levels have gone up significantly. It’s a good idea to spend some time on relaxation. It would help to change up your surroundings. For example, you could go on a trip that you’ve been dreaming of for a while. It’s important to pay attention to the signs of increasing stress and taking the necessary steps to curb it.

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