ISTJ Under Stress

For ISTJs it’s important to follow the rules and norms in their circle. They take it upon themselves to see that the rules are upheld. When these abruptly and significantly change or are even called into question, this causes ISTJs stress. Fearing further change, they become demanding of others with respect to maintaining the established order of things. If change does continue to happen, they lose faith in their community; they were committed to one order of things and don’t feel ready to re-commit to another. They can become apathetic their surroundings.

What may cause this type stress?

  1. An unstable, poorly organized environment.
  2. Generally, they can deal with activities requiring a lot of communication. However, prolonged and numerous interactions may stress them out.
  3. Constantly trying to be personable, empathetic and warm with others may exhaust them.
  4. A lot of unorganized activity.

Behaviors of ISTJs under stress

  1. Are irritable and stubborn.
  2. Are overly demanding and impatient with others.
  3. Get fixated on details.
  4. Distance themselves from what’s going on around them.
  5. Feel tired and weak.

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If you are an ISTJ

Stress relief methods

Take some time to relax and try to put the daily routine behind you. Learn what works best to help you restore the emotional energy lost in the humdrum of your everyday life. To help relieve frustration and stress, make use of holistic methods such as tai chi, autogenous training, relaxation, yoga, meditation, etc. If you are religious, prayer may give you great emotional relief and sometimes even help make important decisions. Participating in sports and games can improve your emotional well-being and help keep your spirits up, too. Having a hobby or keeping a pet are also effective ways to cope with stress.

Examples of stress-preventing behavior

Knowing the behaviors and feelings of an ISTJ under stress described above can help you keep stress at bay. For example, if you’re often rigid and demanding of others and don’t have patience for their opinions, this may be a sign that you’re becoming stressed. It’s worth taking a break from your usual activities and devoting some time to relaxation and doing something fun.

If you’re overcome with gloom or indifference towards what’s going on around you, this may signal that your stress levels have increased significantly. To ease the mental strain, set aside more time for getting together with friends or a favorite hobby that you get totally immersed it. It’s in your best interest to pay attention to the signs of increasing stress and take the necessary steps to curb it.

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