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For premium career development assessment please visit our website. is your tool for exploring your personality and leveraging your personality in career development.

Personality Radar™ visually represents and summarizes strengths of the key workplace-related behavioural qualities of your personality. Click to complete your personality assessment.

JTPW Personality Radar™ technology leverages Jung typology and goes beyond: it makes it possible to obtain a highly personalized, accurate report. Two people sharing the same Jungian personality type may still have substantial differences in many behavioural aspects - JTPW Personality Radar™ captures these differences and produces a report tailored to the unique specifics of your personality.

Complete your personality assessment now to obtain your personalized Career Development Profile based on Jung typology and discover:

Jung Typemeter™ acts like a compass that shows general direction for your career journey. Click to complete your personality assessment.

  • Your personality type description and scores
  • Your personality strengths. Knowing and leveraging your personality strengths is important for career success. This section of the Career Development Profile describes distinct features of your personality such as leadership qualities, results orientation, creativity, the ability to establish effective collaboration, and so on. Use it for self-marketing. For example, you can incorporate the strengths into your resume, mention at the interview or in other appropriate situations to promote yourself.
  • Most favourable work environment. Discover the main characteristics of a work environment in which you can leverage the strong areas of your personality, be most successful, fulfilled and content.
  • Career development methods, tailored to the specifics of your personality. Using these methods may help you in career advancement.
  • Pitfalls. Like with everyone else, some of your natural personality traits may become your weaknesses or become obstacles in successful career development. These weaknesses or pitfalls typically manifest themselves when certain workplace circumstances are in place. This section describes some pitfalls related to the specifics of your personality, which you need to be aware of, as well as some useful tips to help you manage these issues.
  • Career and job change analysis. Outlines conditions and “symptoms” of when a career or a job change may be desirable, from a standpoint of personality fit. Provides job compatibility calculator to assess your current job compatibility. You can use the career and job change calculator multiple times, to assess compatibility as you move on from one position or job to another.
  • Career development resources about leadership styles, communication styles, and conflict management techniques.

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