16 Personality Types:
Behavior Under Stress

Types Under Stress Stress and stressful situations are a normal part of life. However, prolonged and intense stress has negative consequences - it can take a toll both physically and psychologically.

Different personality types differ in how they react to stress. Knowing the stress responses of the different types make it easier to recognize when stress is starting to develop. It can also help to notice when the stress is getting worse. Knowing what external circumstances and events are the most stress-inducing for one’s type will allow them to respond more mindfully when they arise. Moreover, being able to identify the signs of stress in one’s type makes it possible to deal with stress more effectively, in ways that are type-specific. It’s useful to be aware of specific skills and tools that can help with coping.

In addition to improving one’s physical and mental well-being, knowing one’s type-specific stress triggers, symptoms and coping strategies is invaluable for growth and self-development. Familiarity with how the different psychological types respond to stress can also help to better understand and deal with the behaviors of other people.

Explore the stress profiles of the 16 types, bellow:

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