Authoritarians are self-confident and firmly convinced they are always in the right. Those who do not share their opinions irritate them, and they do not bother concealing their annoyance with views they believe to be wrong. Authoritarians are inclined to give advice to others to keep them from making mistakes but they themselves do not like being given unsolicited advice. They almost never have any doubts or hesitate and find it hard to understand those prone to excessive soul-searching.

Making risky decisions. Faced with uncertainty and the need to take a risky decision, they bulldoze their way through trying to change the situation and impose their own rules of the game.

They greatly value order and stability in everything—from the way their homes are arranged and furnished, to relations within their families and with colleagues at work, to how their work is organized at their respective organizations. From their family members, they demand strict obedience to the rules they impose. They expect their children to excel in their studies and behavior although, perhaps, they were not so great in that department themselves back in their own time. They punish their children for bad grades in school and misbehavior. They are similarly demanding when dealing with their subordinates and tolerate no mistakes or disobedience, even in small matters. Nor do they let their superiors get away with any infringement upon their rights. Authoritarians are always ready to fight to the end. Yet, their superiors appreciate them as hard workers, and they themselves prefer bosses that give clear and specific instructions.

As a rule, Authoritarians try to control themselves, especially in relations with their superiors, although they are prone to outbursts of anger. After any such outbursts, they are usually quick to come around and get back to normal. However, where by dint of their subordinate status they find themselves unable to adequately respond to an insult, they bear the grudge for a long time and may turn quite vindictive under the right circumstances.

On the whole, Authoritarians are persons with a practical turn of mind and character. They have a clear sense of reality, and the present is what they value most. They are not at all prone to reminiscing about the past. Although they eye the future with caution and distrust, they hope that it will be like their gradually improving present.


They are generally careful with their money and dislike what they consider frivolous or unexpected expenses. However, they do not deny their families and themselves any regular comforts.

At leisure. They tend to have a small number of regular friends and spend their time with them not so much talking as engaging in common pursuits and recreation, such as sports, fishing, etc. Watching TV, they prefer sports to politics and documentaries. They are also fond of thrillers and graphic violence.

People of this type are usually well-built and physically strong although many of them are predisposed to psychosomatic diseases, such as high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, skin diseases, etc. They have a good appetite, like plain foods, and are consistent in their preferences, attaching great importance to the preparation of each dish exactly to their taste. In their love life, they are attracted primarily to the sensual aspects rather than romantic ones. Consequently, when their relationships break up, they don’t suffer much.

They may become quite aggressive if their ego, rights or interests have been affected. Under such circumstances, they may go on the offensive eagerly, disregarding any danger or risk to their very lives.

Social activity. Authoritarians have no special interest in politics. At election time, they favor proponents of a strong government who will be able to ensure ironclad law and order, resorting to tough measures if need be.

During social upheavals, Authoritarians are quick to take part in active protests. Having a good sense of reality, they are able to correctly judge the essence of social needs and demands made by the protestors. Due to their courage, they frequently become leaders of social movements. That said, even when articulating the public’s dissatisfaction with the authorities, they never forget their own interests which in their book always come first. After achieving victory, they do not hesitate to use it to promote their own interests and acquire what benefits they can for themselves.

Professional activities. Persons of this type are successful at small to medium-sized businesses, or as department managers at large corporations. They are considered perfect candidates for positions with law enforcement, the armed forces and elsewhere, where resolute action and personal courage may be required. As centurions, i.e. professional officers in the army, men of this persuasion had been the pride and joy of the Roman Empire. To these days, one comes across many of them serving as high-ranking officers with different militaries worldwide. Women of this type often achieve much success as administrators or managers.

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Tips on Personal Growth

Your integrity, persistence, determination, and courage in critical situations are your strong suits. However, some of these qualities have a flip side that results in certain weaknesses in your personality. Thus, your lack of flexibility may account for the difficulty you may have in adapting to intricate or changing circumstances and harm your relations with others.

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Strategy for Success

Decision-making. Before making any final decisions, discuss them with those you know are not as impulsive as you, and preferably someone older and more experienced. Even if their advice does not coincide with your initial opinion, don't immediately reject it.

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