People of this type are energetic, active and generally cheerful. They have a quick temper but forgive and forget just as quickly. A tranquil, simple life seems tedious to the Energetic. Regular hard work, even if it brings prosperity, is not to their liking, nor is a career requiring a sustained effort over long periods of time. They are impatient and want everything now. They do not like tasks that demand a focus on one particular problem. They feel better when they are working on a project that requires frequent shifting between different aspects of the job. This regular change invigorates them and makes them a particularly good fit for this type of work. They get very emotional about their failures but quickly regain their good spirits and embark on a new enterprise with enthusiasm.

Risk taking. Faced with uncertainty and the need to make a risky decision, they react quickly and try to vigorously channel this uncertainty to fit their plans.

The Energetic often have interesting ideas and bold plans. They are always logical, convincing and based on facts. Their only drawback is that while developing them, the Energetic tend to expect the most favorable of outcomes without paying much attention to any possible obstacles or adverse circumstances that may well be serious if not outright insurmountable.

Timeframes, goals, and risks. The Energetic live in the present, which they treat as real and relevant. The past has little effect on their perception of the present, and they don’t seem to learn much from past experiences. When looking into the future, they always see themselves succeeding in their current endeavors. However, once a business venture, however successfully started, begins to tread water, they never think twice before shutting it down and starting a new one, believing that this time around they will quickly get lucky and be successful. And, although each time they consciously strive for specific goals (or fame), in fact, they are driven by the need for constant change, novelty and excitement. In fact, they are risk junkies. Risk beckons them, offering never-ending new challenges for their abilities and luck. Striving for a specific goal, they often confuse the goal itself with the pleasure of working towards it because overcoming obstacles on the way there is, in itself, the source of as much satisfaction for them as the joy at the end of the road.


Relentless pursuit of new risks. The Energetic are capable of quickly achieving excellent results in their work (which affects their expectations), but they may just as easily lose what they have achieved by taking on still more risk. In their relentless pursuit of excitement, they often lose sight of reality, which may lead them to unwittingly cross that thin red line separating us all from what may be immoral, unethical, or outright unlawful.

Connecting with people. The Energetic are generally friendly and always ready to help others without expecting anything in return. They have many casual acquaintances but few close friends. What with so many people in their lives, they easily make promises, and do it in all sincerity; however, they do not always manage to live up to what they promise. For this reason, those who know them well often view them as kind but unreliable and are apprehensive about doing any business with them.

The Energetic are always busy and always in a hurry. They just wouldn’t rest for long. Still, they like to unwind around the holiday table, and they are usually the life of the party. Their cheerfulness is contagious, they like humor, and their jokes are usually funny and intelligent.

The Energetic have had quite a few famous people among their midst, including Winston Churchill, Alexandre Dumas (father), ancient Roman commander Pompeus, Danton (of the French Revolution fame), Russian Empress Catherine the Great, French writer Beaumarche, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many others.

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Tips on Personal Growth

Strengths and weaknesses. Your strong qualities are optimism, abundant energy, and entrepreneurial drive. Your weaknesses are, as it happens, the flip side of your strengths.

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Strategy for Success

Decision-making. Do not even try to make serious decisions on the fly. Consider all pros and cons carefully.

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