The Inspired crave emotional excitement, which is an inexhaustible source of their energy throughout their lives. This need sometimes causes them to engage in risky activities that may threaten their well-being and their very lives. They are also adamant about the way they choose to live and insist on promoting their ideas to others regardless of how receptive the society at large may be to them. They take pleasure in developing and implementing their ideas, which provide the raison d’être for their very existence.

Making risky decisions. Faced with uncertainty and the need to take a risky decision, they seek to change the situation in accordance with their own understanding of what would be fair or what would make for a better life. They skillfully overcome obstacles on the way to their objectives, ignoring potential dangers.

Complete preoccupation with their goal. Complete preoccupation with this or that idea of theirs is what makes such people so different. The idea becomes their purpose in life, which they view as the means to implementing this idea or a stretch of time they may have available to reach their purported objective. They have a very strong need for a meaning in life without which it is simply not worth living. That said, the ideas the Inspired may have are not necessarily earth-shattering or important to all of mankind; yet for most of such people, their favorite fish is just about the only fish in the sea. This could be an invention, a scientific hypothesis or a special philosophy of life or nutrition, such as Zen Buddhism or vegetarianism. People of this type also include passionate collectors of paintings, books, stamps, etc., whose overriding goal is to get their hands on that rare painting, book or stamp.

Perception of time. The Inspired do not have much use for the past or the present. They live in the future—that glorious time when their sacred goal will have been achieved. Obstacles and dangers do not only fail to stop the Inspired; on the contrary, they provide additional stimulus.

Communicating with people. The Inspired treat others around them according to how these people perceive their own ideas and goals: those who share them are welcome, others deserve indifference or a cold shoulder. Those who disapprove or, God forbid, try to say or do any different, are sworn enemies outright.

The Inspired care little for entertainment, except, perhaps, for talking about their favorite subject. However, their interests often extend beyond the limits of their main obsession and their knowledge in other areas may well be striking. They will also have their own opinion on everything, which is almost always interesting enough.


Embracing the people. People of this type, if obsessed with social, political or religious ideas, see all of mankind, or at least their entire nation, as the object of their concern, and they tend to love “the people” way more than any individual man. They are ready to sacrifice individuals for the sake of a "common happiness". They are just about as ready to sacrifice themselves. They show no mercy, be it to themselves or others.

The Inspired are fairly egocentric in the sense that they consider themselves the center of all things going, yet egotistical they are not. They have no personal interest in it all.

They are often surrounded by followers or disciples who are equally passionate about their ideas; yet, out of all those, only one or two may be really close friends.

People of this type are usually indifferent to the opposite sex although they can experience a sort of love, often towards one of their admirers, who becomes their main confidant and lieutenant.

Family. The Inspired may indeed care for their families, but they are authoritarian and intolerant of the slightest dissent or failure on the part of their family members to support their obsession. The Inspired take all major setbacks and tragedies with admirable stoicism, get even more involved with serving their favorite cause.

Famous people. The Inspired are relatively few, but many among them are well known for their convictions, faith and determination and leave their mark in history. Some of the better known Inspired include the patriarch Abraham, Paul the Apostle, Prophet Muhammad, various religious reformers and leaders, such as Martin Luther, John Calvin and Joan of Arc, explorers who changed the understanding of global geography, like Columbus and Magellan, scientific visionaries, such as Galileo Galilei and Copernicus, utopian philosophers Thomas More and Tommaso Campanella, the steamboat inventor Fulton, social reformers Emmeline Pankhurst and Mahatma Gandhi, and revolutionaries like Robespierre and Lenin. They also include plenty of religious cult leaders and founders of various political movements.

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Tips on Personal Growth

Your obvious strengths are strong will, purpose in life and courage. What you suffer from is a narrow vision of life, emotional indifference that sometimes borders on hard-heartedness, and propensity for conflict and intolerance.

Your life has only one meaning, which is the struggle for the triumph of your idea or cause.

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Strategy for Success

Decision-making. Before acting on any idea that you think brilliant or promising, ask yourself the following questions: first, is your idea really new and, second, could it be that it is a little ahead of your time?

Compare the benefits of seeing your idea through with its possible negative consequences.

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