Just as the name implies, people of this type are resoundingly rational. They are good at goal setting and distinguishing between what they really need and what they can easily do without. They are capable of learning from past experiences. They value the present and are serious about the future, planning and preparing for it. The Rational take all their projects seriously too, thoroughly evaluating their importance and feasibility before making any decision to proceed.

Making risky decisions. Faced with uncertainty and the need to take a risky decision, the Rational start with assessing their chances of success and the potential outcomes of their decisions, both positive and negative.

Decision making. The Rational are well-prepared to carefully evaluate all potential outcomes of their actions across a variety of scenarios, and routinely do so. They have the courage to make decisions and stick to them; however, if circumstances so warrant, they will revise those decisions just as easily. Once committed, they do not procrastinate and get right on with it. They are circumspect, but not timid. Once they identify a particular goal as important, attainable and worth their while, no obstacles or difficulties on the way there scare them off. They are highly ethical too and take extra care to make sure the actions they take are in line with their own values—rather than the letter of the law alone.

Social involvement. The Rational are social animals. They have their own opinions on many socio-political issues but prefer not to impose them on others. They are open-minded but don't like extremism or aggressiveness. They easily become friends with those they like and generally have many friends who they are always happy to help without ever expecting anything in return.


Self-perception. The Rational are usually full of dignity and not vain. They know their limits and are content once they have reached them. They are not egotistical and feel no need to prove their worth to others or demonstrate their own superiority. In some cases, this leads to insufficient ambition.

Relationships. Women of this type prefer clever and spiritually attractive men. Rationals-men treat women with respect, while remaining acutely aware of their looks. Still, most relationships involving people of this personality type are based primarily on spiritual empathy.

Eating habits and vacations. The Rational like to eat well but it doesn’t really have to be gourmet. They prefer active leisure, such as travel to interesting new places.

Goal setting. The Rational enjoy a good balance between safety and stability on the one hand, and risk-taking on the other. They try to set realistic goals, of which the flip side, of course, is that they often curb their expectations and fail to realize their potential in full.

Famous people. Benjamin Franklin and Franklin D. Roosevelt offer great examples of this personality type among men. Women resemble Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel.

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Tips on Personal Growth

As a Rational, you have a lot going for you. However, some of your character traits work against you hindering effective action and making attaining your goals more difficult. To be sure, your weaknesses are for the most part extensions of your strengths.

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Strategy for Success

Goal setting. Before asking yourself "What should I do?" you must have a fairly good idea of what it is you want. As Montaigne put it, there is no fair wind for a ship that has no destination.

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